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We here at Carna4 often get calls from pet-owners with sensitive animals –those with allergies, chemical sensitivities, tender tummies, etc. The purity of our dog foods and treats helps these animals immensely. We always have our ears open for new products that our customers will like, and now, just in time for bug season here in Ontario, we have discovered a new non-toxic oral mosquito repellent that we will be distributing to pet specialty stores in Ontario. Mozi-Q for Pets is a non-toxic tablet containing a homeopathic formula that discourages every kind of insect from approaching your pet. It also promotes fast healing after insect bites. Just give your pet 1 tablet by mouth about 20 minutes before heading out for that walk in the woods. Re-dose every few hours. It’s that simple.

Mozi-Q for Pets has been approved by the Low Risk Veterinary Health Products Interim Notification Program for use on cats, dogs, and horses. It works on blood sucking insects including ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies. It is completely non-toxic and doesn’t react with medications or herbs. There are no side effects, no contraindications. There is no odor, no residue on the coat, nothing yucky about it. If your pet does get a bite, the ingredients of Mozi-Q for Pets will also help bring the swelling down faster.

Many animals will be able to simply chew the tablet, but if you are not able to get your pet to do so, you can dissolve the tablet in their water dish. The same dose will be effective on dogs of all sizes, so whether your pet is large or small, 1-2 pellets = a dose.

Mozi-Q for Pets is not a B vitamin. It’s a combination of natural substances delivered in minute doses, each selected for their ability to ward off pests. It sounds like it would be full of chemicals but it is not! Homeopathic medicine is by definition non- toxic. And like most other homeopathic medicines, it is not expensive.

The owner and founder of Mozi-Q, Erin Bosch, was recently featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and had all 4 dragons vying to invest in this product. She will be doing a media tour through Ontario next month and will be getting lots of attention. Get relief at the start of mosquito season – naturally – with Mozi-Q. You can go directly to Mozi-Q’s website to find out how to order.

Directions for use:

1 tablet every 2-3 hours as needed. The recommended dose is the same for all cats, dogs and horses.

Medicinal ingredients:

Staphysagria 4X, Urtica urens 6X, Ledum palustre 3X, Grindelia 6C, Cedron 4C.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Sugar, Dextrose, D-Sorbitol, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide