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By Leslie, Carna4 Communications

This month we dined with Golden Retriever Glen, who is named after Glenfiddich scotch whiskey for his coat’s rich golden hue and the drink of choice during the naming debate. Glen loves people, particularly the ladies, and is well-known to the local shopkeepers. These days, he has a fetish for dark painted Goth figures (ladies and debatable) – even if his enthusiasm and toothy smile is not returned.

At 30 kilograms (66 pounds), this two and a half-year-old pure bred golden is an ideal weight and his owner Lawrence helps maintain it with a healthy dog food diet and a sociable five kilometer (eight miles) jaunt each day. Like many kids, Glen likes swimming at the cottage and tries to leap further with each successive jump off the dock.

Wise to fillers and other less than appealing ingredients, Lawrence doesn’t subject Glen to wet food but feeds him a dog diet of four-cups daily of a mix of two types of premium dry food: breed-specific large size kibble and all breed small bites. Beyond this, he gets the odd celery or carrot stick and steak on his birthday.

When introduced to Carna4 All Life Stages Chicken dog food (mixed in with his old food to transition smoothly) Glen picked out and ate his more familiar food first. However, as days passed, he opted for Carna4 first, leaving the old food behind.

Although a fine weight now, Glen did go through a more “substantial” phase. This was when he lost eight pounds due to a stomach bug last summer and his owners were more lax with his dog food diet portions,while he gained it back… and then some. Stricter portions, exercise but also self-discipline have driven Glen back to a svelte figure.

You see, being ever the gentle charmer, Glen has outdone himself this summer trying to welcome Mister, the feral cat, his human sister brought home. He generously allows Mister to drink his water and has begun grazing on his own food and lazing in front of it like…..a cat. He even tried to mimic Mister’s stretch along the top of the couch – till gravity kicked in.

How does your dog cope with other pets in the same house? Does he share his water or more? How do you manage any dog diet or meal time challenges? Post a comment to tell us about your co-habiting pets.

Glen’s Stats:

Breed – Golden Retriever
Age – 2.5 years
Weight – 30 kilos (66 lbs)
Health – Excellent (with the exception of one gastrointestinal issue)
Exercise – One 5 km walk (8 mile)/day
Favorite Food – Birthday steak