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By Leslie, Carna4 Communications

This month we dined with Maxwell, an effervescent Long Coat Chihuahua puppy. He loves tossing his cloth toys, frolicking from lap to lap and nibbling on Carna4. This little pup’s confidence is only broken by stairs, which he fears and looks to human help to reach his destination.

Maxwell’s arrival almost four months ago marked Kelly’s first foray into life with a small dog, after her husband’s allergies called for a switch from the large breeds she knew well, having owned several Labs. She quickly discovered Maxwell defies Chihuahua stereotypes, as he is quiet and patient with her teenage daughter and six-year-old son, as well as their young friends. The exception is the rare occasion when he is left alone at home and voices his displeasure.

This gentle pup doesn’t dine in a full sitting but grazes throughout the day and takes each Carna4 piece from his kitchen bowl to devour it on the living room carpet. When we met in a grassy park, he also happily ate from the hands of his family members, even though he was teething (and short two teeth). Maxwell started life with breed-specific kibble soaked in chicken broth to soften it for his tiny teeth. (Preparing it was a labor of love but nonetheless time consuming.) And Kelly’s attempts to transition him to more chewable premium beef products were, ahem, spit out.

So Kelly was delighted when Maxwell took a fancy to the Carna4 samples offered at a Global Pet Foods store in Oshawa. She liked the benefit its ingredients would have on his health and longevity, plus the convenience. “I saw immediate changes in his behavior,” Kelly says. “Maxwell now has more get up and go. He also seems to itch less and his coat is amazingly shiny and soft.” (Watch the video below to see Maxwell scamper around nibbling on his food.)

Apparently Kelly and Maxwell are not alone. “We’re finding Carna4 appeals to many dogs, including those with notoriously fickle tastes,” says Global storeowner Sue McDonald. “We also find it works well for treats.”

As Maxwell grows, he continues to boldly explore his world and the company in it from the inside of his safe home. (And when he is old enough to handle it, Kelly may tell him about the big bad coyotes and foxes and why venturing out alone, is taboo for Chihuahuas.)

Do you have a small breed with fickle taste buds? How do you coax a finicky dog to eat? What does he eat? Post a comment to tell us what works for you.

Maxwell’s Stats:

Breed – Long Coat Chihuahua
Age – 6 months
Weight – 2.3 kilos (5 lbs)
Health – Excellent (with the exception of itchy skin before Carna4)
Exercise – Running from room to room
Birthday Dinner – No requests in yet but he does enjoy the occasional apple slice