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SuperZoo Las Vegas is July 22-24! Yes, we will have a Show Special at our booth. Not only that, but let us give you a free gift just for stopping by!

Dave and I do not especially consider Las Vegas our cup of tea, but we love going to SuperZoo every July. Why? Because we get to meet so many of our dealers face-to-face, have informal chats with you, get your feedback, and introduce you to our new products live and in person.

SuperZoo is the biggest pet industry show of the year in North America so there is lots to see and do for those just getting started. And if you are a veteran of the industry, as Dave and I both are, SuperZoo is also our chance to catch up with old friends. I started in the pet industry as the founder of Sojourner Farms (now Sojos) way back in the early 1980’s, long before SuperZoo existed. I was one of very few women on the show floor at HH Backer, the only national show for pet retailers at that time! Those were the days …before big box retailers, before organic products of any kind, when Purina was king. Now Carna4 is Top Dog!

Come out to see us at Booth 5021. We’d love to put a face to your store name!

Place an order at the show in person and we will happily give you a Show Special discount. Plus, everyone stopping by the booth and mentioning this email will receive a free gift card. If you come up to me and say ‘CARNA4 IS TOP DOG!’ you will make my day and get a free gift card! It’s our way of thanking you for your time, which we really do appreciate.

Remember – happiness at Booth 5021. See you there in Las Vegas!

– Maria Ringo, Carna4 Director of Health