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By Leslie, Carna4 Communications

We love hearing about your dogs, their antics and their transition to Carna4 hand crafted dog food. Most of these stories are in the Testimonial section of our website. Every once in awhile though, we hear about a dog who was really struggling before the transition and the ups and downs his family went through trying to improve his quality of life. Tommy is one of these pups and here is his story.

After losing our cat to a feline disease when she was still quite young, we reluctantly got a puppy due to pressure from our 4 boys. We decided on a Shihpoo, after talking it over with friends who are home breeders.

The boys picked the smallest one from the litter of 5 and called him “Tommy.” My husband and I knew the task of raising this little guy would be more difficult, as the puppy was an outcast, not well cared for by his mother or siblings. He was underweight and really underdeveloped, as our vet informed us. He told us to purchase a food that would help build the puppy up but after 4 months he still wasn’t progressing well. He was fussy and not a fan of eating any of the food choices our vet recommended. What he did eat was not enough to bring him along to where he should be at his current stage of life.

So my husband decided to put 8 month-old Tommy on Carna4 Dry Dog Food, as part of a new trial study. Within a couple of weeks, he was thriving, gaining weight, becoming more playful and ever so active. The big change we noticed was he actually looked forward to feeding time, whereas in the past his non-enthusiasm over his food had been a major stress in our lives.

Weeks passed and we brought him back to our vet. Our vet looked at him and asked: “Is this the same little guy?” He was thrilled but shocked to learn that he was only eating a new trial brand of food and not on any of high cost supplements. He even noted how good and improved the quality of his stool was. We went away with another appointment in 6 weeks.

Tommy continued to grow and thrive. We noticed that his past troubles, from skin disorders to his breathing, had virtually disappeared. At his next vet appointment, we were eager to hear our vet’s comments. Our vet confided that he had been so worried when we initially brought our little family member to him, as he knew how devastated our boys were to lose their cat. Upon examining Tommy, he said he was the best and healthiest Shihpoo that he had seen or treated in all his years. He called the skin and coat extraordinary and his teeth and oral health were about the best they could be. Even the breathing, which can be a little troublesome because of his genetic make-up, was as clear as a bell. He said that this breed usually needs to breathe through their mouth because their nasal passages tend to be blocked. Our little guy, who had been mouth breathing when he first arrived, was no longer doing so and continues to breathe easily through his nose.

Thank you Carna4 for thinking about what ingredients should go into a pet food. You seem to have found the right synergy with all the ingredients working together to boost their effectiveness. We now have a healthy lifelong pet, who is part of our family, and can enjoy his life with us.
Tammy Morton, Cambridge, Ontario