Dealer Sign In

We are really excited to have ‘Korna’ in this month’s Dealer Spotlight.  We were able to speak with one of the owners, Donna Blower, where she shared with us her thoughts on the industry and her passion for dogs.

C4: Hi Donna, Hope you are doing well.  We know you are very passionate about the health of animals and providing animals with healthy food, where does this come from?

DB: My passion comes from always having the company of a dog in my life and gaining an appreciation for cats along the way. I was a dog trainer for a number of years and I would go into my client’s homes and recognized all the ways the components of a dog and their caregiver’s life are connect.  They are connected through diet, nutrition, exercise, all aspects of life. At that point something clicked and I realized how much dogs depended on us and how we should always be looking to provide them with a better quality of life.

C4: What do you think the future trends will be in pet food?

DB: It just keeps getting better, which is exciting!  There are more raw food options and raw food is being produced so well now.  There is less processed food on the market and hopefully it continues that way.  There is also an increased variety in raw and healthy options.  Manufacturers are paying closer attention to the ingredients as well.  I love that this is not a fad, this is a trend.  Several years ago it was an anomaly, but now there is a huge push to provide healthy pet food, and companies are finally paying closer attention to their ingredients.  The customer’s local pet store is now thinking more like they do, wanting healthy options, and not feeding their pets just anything.  My customers are letting me know that they are pleased with this movement, so the manufactures had better be listening.

C4: What do you think are the keys to being a success in the pet food industry?

DB: Being willing to embrace new products, there are so many new foods, and the opportunity to try new foods is abundant.  The key is that pet food store owners keep up with this trend and embrace it.

C4: What advice would you give new people in the industry?

DB: Don’t fall into the belief you need to have every type of food for every type of dog. Stick with a few key formulas, mix and match and then you will have more variety.  You should think about providing variety for the dog and the dog owner.  We recommend our customers rotate their pet’s food and get new flavours… try new things.  Our customers see a difference in their dogs and that feels good!

C4:  Anything else you would like to add?

DB: When thinking about your store and the food you carry, thinking from the pet perspective really helps, especially on what food to recommend.  Don’t get caught up in the marketing, and the flavour of the month.  Only recommend what is valuable to your client not what makes you money.  Also make sure people understand you are looking out for the health of their dog, no agendas at all, just the best for their pet.  Thanks!