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Redefining our Relationship with Companion Animals by Feeding 100% Pure Food in a Convenient Form

Organic Sprouted Seeds

100% Whole Food Fresh Table-Grade Meat – no meat meal

Gently Baked and Thoroughly Safety Tested

Family Owned and Made in Canada

Our Whole Food for Pets

Carna4 Handcrafted Dog Food

Carna4 Handcrafted All Life Stages whole food nuggets for Dogs is available in two formulas: Original Chicken and Grain-free Duck.

Cat Food

Please welcome our newest member of the Carna4 Synthetic-Free Whole Food family: Carna4 Cat Food. COMING IN SEPTEMBER

Carna Flora Sprouted Seed Dog Snacks

Carna Flora Sprouted Seed Dog Snacks are wholesome treats made from only sprouted seeds, fresh liver, fava bean and sweet potato! COMING IN SEPTEMBER

Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper

Add the live probiotics, plant enzymes, phytonutrients and whole food vitamins & minerals that are lacking in an all-meat diet.

“It’s the healthiest food I could find and they absolutely love the taste. The only thing wrong [with my dogs] was finding the right food and now I’ve found the best.”

XOXO. Kathy T.




The Difference Between Grains & Seeds

A grain and a seed are related but different from a botanical standpoint. A seed is not a grain – they have much different levels of nutrition and digestibility. A germinated or sprouted seed is even less similar, having gone through a complete physical and...

Hyperactivity in Dogs: Nature vs Nurture?

More and more high-energy dogs (or vital dogs, as we like to say at Carna4), are being labeled as having ADHD. Pet owners are wondering if this is simply due to inherent tendencies or if other factors may be involved given the rise in hyperactive behaviours seen in...

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