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Quality Control

Developed by Experienced Pet Food Specialists

Our products are developed by a team of nutritionists, food scientists and engineers, with graduate degrees in biochemistry, nutrition and biology. Our team also has more than
50 years combined industry experience in developing complete and balanced pet foods.

Validated by Independent Food Scientists

To test Carna4 for its nutrient composition and quality, we enlisted Mortec Scientific Inc., an independent research and laboratory testing firm that specializes in food, pet food and natural health products for some of North America’s leading consumer goods companies.

Mortec is owned and led by Dr. Scott Morton, a seasoned scientist with more than 25 years lab and research experience. His experience includes managing the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) Pet Food Certification lab and serving as executive director of a leading full service North American lab. Latterly, as a senior corporate quality assurance professional with a multi-national food processor, Dr. Morton pioneered the concept of a full service-testing laboratory within its corporate structure that also provided services to external food companies. This premise was the model for Mortec, which he founded in 2007.

Today, Mortec has about 50 highly-skilled scientists, who use recognized ISO 17025 standards, as well as AOAC, AOCS, AACC, APHA, Health Canada and other official methods for its testing.

The firm is known for analytically testing food and other products that are off the beaten track for most other labs. For example, Mortec took the first steps to study choline in dog food and was the initial firm to develop a methodology for testing and assessing the effect of key digestive enzymes on dogs. Through its alliance partnership with Gelda Scientific Inc., Mortec works closely with Arvind Gelda, who is a North American leader in techniques and protocols for producing and testing probiotics – the “good bacteria” that keep pets’ digestive systems healthy.

In testing Carna4, Mortec’s researchers were amazed by the increased nutrients in Carna4 that came from our special blend of sprouted seeds. “In the past, we’ve seen increases from 50% to more than 10,000% in vitamins and enzymes after germination of raw seed. However, we didn’t expect to see such high levels of nutrients in a finished food. Carna4’s sprouted seed mixture appears to work synergistically with the other ingredients to maintain their nutritional levels throughout the cooking process,” explained Dr. Morton.
“Even the probiotics held their own, at levels we’ve not seen before in commercial pet foods.”

Mortec has also done research to assess the effect of Omega-3 essential fatty acids from sprouted seeds, such as barley, lentil, amaranth and flaxseed, on dogs. “Available clinical and anecdotal evidence suggests that dogs and humans alike can benefit from the Omega-3s in various sprouted seeds and in comparable portions,” concluded Dr. Morton. “But dogs get the added bonus of increased natural fiber and active enzymes from sprouted seeds, which you don’t find in Omega-3s from fish and fish oils that most pet food manufacturers use.”

Monitored by Ongoing Testing & Audits

Our team of quality assurance specialists supervises independent testing of every batch of Carna4 we make, before it’s released to customers. In addition, our family-run, bovine-free bakery is audited by the AIB, ASI and NSF Cook & Thurber for food safety, consistently scoring a superior rating. Our baker also has an effective HACCP program, is EU certified and APHIS-PFO certified