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Clean, Fresh Chicken, Duck and Fish

As carnivores, your companion pets crave fresh, protein-rich diets made from the clean muscle meat, flesh, liver and eggs of healthy livestock and fish. We answer this need by searching out wild-caught fish and humanely-nurtured animals from Canadian family farms, raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. And our unique manufacturing process allows us to use much higher concentrations of these raw, unprocessed foods to create better tasting, more digestible and nourishing diets than most traditional extruded pet foods with dehydrated meals, dried vegetables and rendered fats.

Our recipe begins with fresh chicken, real duck, and chicken eggs from Canadian family farms and carefully handled in federally inspected facilities under strict sanitary conditions. We add clean herring, perch and salmon that have been quick-frozen after catching to eliminate the need for preservatives. And we rigorously  test all of our food for pathogens, toxins and heavy metals to ensure that we have been selecting the cleanest ingredients possible.

We keep Carna4 100% pure by adding:

  • No meat meal, no poultry meal, no meat-and-bone or fish meal
  • No dehydrated meat
  • No meat or vegetable protein concentrates
  • No by-products
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Carna4 is pure food made with…

Comparing Carna4

To maintain Carna4’s integrity, we reject convention and refuse to add chicken meal, fish meal or any other kind of rendered meal, fat or processed oil to our recipes, even though they are staples of most pet foods, including “natural” and “holistic” products. Rendering the aging left-overs from meat processing plants into meat meal is a great way for conventional manufacturers to get cheap, useable pet food ingredients. With super-heating, they can kill the abundant bacteria in ageing meats, turning it into dried meal that can be stored for many months before being converted into dog and cat  food. But surely it is better to use fresh, real meat than remnants and by-products that need to be boiled down to a powder to make them “safe” for consumption!  We’re pleased to make our food without meat meals or rendered fats of any kind because we think our pets deserve better.

Proper ingredient selection is only the first step in making a healthy pet food. We then use a quick-baking and air-drying process at precise temperatures to keep Carna4 safe from bacteria, while preserving trusted probiotics, enzymes and nutrients your pet needs, along with delicious flavor.

You will notice the difference in the health and vitality of your dog or cat!