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We are Bimba, Mia and Vega!

We are Bimba, Mia and Vega! We are happy and healthy since we have included CARNA4 into our meals. We were having problems with hydration from other brands, our transit is now great, our weight is staying in line, and we love the Goat option. Plus knowing that it is chemical free is very gratifying. We have been eating CARNA4 the last 18 months and we are very happy!


We got our dog Gremlin from a rescue who found her in Mexico.

We got our dog Gremlin from a rescue who found her in Mexico. She had distemper, pneumonia, worms, and ehrlichia when we got her. All she wanted to do was sleep, she was constantly throwing up, and had diarrhea. We switched her to Carna4, and she’s been happy and healthy since. We can’t thank you guys enough and we continue to buy from the USA as well as tell all our dog friends about you! Thank you! And thanks for all you do for these animals!

Lauren S.

Luke is a front amputee rescue from South Korea.

Luke is a front amputee rescue from South Korea. Nutrition is very important to us. We need to make sure Luke maintains muscle mass without carrying extra weight for the health of his joints and long- term mobility. He also has a sensitive stomach. Since transitioning to Carna4 – which was a seamless process without any gastric upset whatsoever – his stomach issues have resolved, coat is gleaming, and he remains lean and strong!


Wally has had problems with his digestive system since he was a kitten.

Wally has had problems with his digestive system since he was a kitten. He had soft stool almost everyday until switching him to Carna4! With the addition of Flora4, Carna4 has made such a difference for Wally. His stool is much healthier and much firmer. His fur is soft, thick, and much easier to brush. Thank you Carna4! Healthy poops equal happy floofs!

Terra G.

My picky puppy Toby absolutely loves Carna4

My picky puppy Toby absolutely loves Carna4. It’s the only kibble that gets a tail-wagging approval every mealtime. So glad we found you!

Daniela R.

Kewen is now a very healthy 15 month old MBT

Kewen is now a very healthy 15 month old MBT but at 6 months of age he developed S.I.B.O. Following veterinary treatment it remained a battle to find a dietary regimen that his gut could tolerate. I finally settled on feeding him raw, but he only eats beef so there was a need to complement his diet with other proteins, vitamins and minerals. I tried many different dry foods all of which upset his stomach, until I happened upon Carna4. It was such a relief! He has flourished on it ever since. We have every flavour available and he loves them all. The small size of the nuggets has been an additional benefit since given the shape of his head and jaw, he had struggled with some of the other dry foods. It’s been great to have the Carna4 products not only as a main dietary component, but for use as a healthy training treat as well.  As a dog owner who is fully invested in my dog’s health, I can’t say a big enough thank you to the Carna4 team for creating such an excellent quality product. I would encourage everyone to try it.


Hannah had really bad skin problems for 7 years

Hannah had really bad skin problems for 7 years…we switched her to Carna4 Fish…her paws and ears cleared up and she doesn’t scratch anymore! Carna4 helped make a huge difference in Hannah’s health.

Allyson S.

Carna4 helped to rebuild Dapper’s strength

After being rescued, Carna4 helped to rebuild Dapper’s strength as he healed from advanced heartworm and settled into his forever home. He’s a happy and healthy boy now! He’s my best friend!


My rescue Mack came at 1 year old from Cairo, Egypt

My rescue Mack came at 1 year old from Cairo, Egypt, he is now 2.5 years old. Here’s a couple pictures of before and after superior nutrition. Bags of intelligence and beyond healthy bloodwork, immaculate. No synthetics in his system whatsoever, thank you for what you do Carna4 family, we love you!

Paul B.

This is my Lucy; she is a 5-year-old yorkie

This is my Lucy; she is a 5-year-old yorkie. After recently losing her sister Charlie to kidney disease at age 8, I want to make sure my Lucy’s diet is of top-notch quality. We recently ordered and tried Carna4 venison formula and it’s definitely a hit, she loves it!


Chloe is a 2.5-year-old Frenchie

Chloe is a 2.5-year-old Frenchie (yes, with floppy ears). After some digestive concerns and with help from the team at Doodle Dogs in Calgary, we switched to Carna4 Venison, and it’s been going great! Her digestion is better, her poop is easy to pick up, her wrinkles are clean, and her coat looks healthy! Thank you!


My mastiff whimpers with excitement at mealtime now…

Good afternoon. I am writing to provide you with feedback on our experience with Carna4 pet food.  We have an adult Mastiff and Labrador puppy.  We didn’t have any issues to address with the Labrador puppy, suffice it to say he loves the food.  Our Mastiff, on the other hand, was having runny stool, poor coat and disinterest in his food.  In the short time he has been eating Carna4, his stool problem is fixed, his coat is improving, and he now whimpers in excitement when I’m preparing his meals.  I couldn’t be happier with Carna4!


Pete F.

Carna4 has transformed my rescue dog

Carna4 has transformed my mange-afflicted, shelter rescue from Cairo, Egypt. He came with several hotspots, open wounds, somewhat dry skin etc. He is now 2 1/2 and I cannot go anywhere without people telling me how beautiful he is. His coat. Skin. Energy. Teeth. You name it. With our Fitbit walking approx 12,000 steps per day 3 walks per day he’s a special dog. Thanks for what you do Dave and Maria. God bless. Mack and Paul from Port Dover, Ontario. We buy from Wendy @ Live Right Pet Supplies Simcoe, On.

Discovered Carna4 recovering from heart worm…

When we first adopted Dapper he was recovering from Heartworm. I wanted him to have a nutrient dense, real food to help his recovery. He has regained SO much strength on Carna4 and his coat is beautiful. He is happy, healthy, and has good energy. We rotate through the Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Venison, and Duck recipes to give him a good variety of amino acids and tastes. We dress up his bowl with some bone broth, boiled egg, fruit/veg, or pumpkin. Carna4 has given him absolutely perfect poop and we couldn’t imagine feedin him anything else!
Thank you for everything!

Casey T.

Our Gigi had two ear infections in 4 months…

beautiful dog in front of her favourite CARNA4

“Our Gigi had two ear infections within four months…so with the vet thinking she could have an allergy to something in her food., we decided to switch her to Carna4 Fish. The transition to the new food went very well (we also used Flora4)…we saw immediate changes in her stool which I read was normal.  It’s been just over a month and her stools are consistently healthy-looking and best of all not stinky! Her ears have remained clean and no signs of an ear infection or wax buildup since the switch.  We are so happy with the results we’re seeing after changing to Carna4, not only are her ears and poops healthy but her coat is softer and shinier than before – we didn’t think that was possible! Gigi loves her new food as she gives us a few more spins of excitement before we put her bowl down. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work :)”

–Diane L.

We fed Bella raw for the first 5 years…

We fed Bella raw for the first 5 years of her life. All of a sudden she gained 5 IBS. We did a lot of research and decided to start feeding her Carna 4! She immediately dropped the weight and her skin issues also cleared up significantly. Her brother Dyson came along very shortly after and we started feeding him Carna 4 as soon as he came home and they’ve both been on it since. Dyson is 5 and has had zero issues, Bella is almost 10 and is back to puppy energy again. I recommend Carna 4 to everyone with a pet, especially pets with any skin issues and that’s a lot in the pug community.

` Ricky Y-Z

Carna4 is the cleanest food for my girls…

My girls Mossi and Nysa have been on Carna4 since July 2023. We moved from the Carolinas to Florida and I was shocked to discover the food they’d previously been on was no longer sold at pet stores in Florida. Their old food had been pulled from stores due to concerns. I did research only to discover that a huge majority of pet food is actually not good for pets. I read Carna4 is the cleanest food there is for dogs and cats so I put my girls on Carna4 and so much improved: their energy levels, breath, fur and skin (they would get very itchy at times). It’s been hard for me to adjust in Florida but I’m very grateful we did move here cause it meant I discovered the truth about the commercial pet food industry producing. Carna4 is the only answer! They have created a true meal for your pet that is full of nothing but goodness. I’m so glad Carna4 cares for your pet from the inside with their formula.

–Tarsia C-S

Lola is one of the world’s pickiest eaters…

My small 5 pound shih tzu, Lola, would qualify to be one of the world’s pickiest eaters. We have had her for just over 1 year now and have been through 5 different kibbles, several canned foods, some raw food, store bought fresh foods as well as homemade cooked food. Usually any food we give her she eats a few bites and then walks away. I have had to hand- feed her meals. Since trying Carna4, she comes to the kitchen waiting for meals and eats the entire meal on her own! I am thrilled that she loves Carna4. The ingredients are wholesome and I love the easy chew texture for her. I have purchased the Venison, Lamb and Fish recipes and she loves all three. It would be nice to have the Duck in the easy chew version. Thank you Carna4!

Julie L.

I just had to write…

I just had to write and tell you about the wonderful food you make. I actually called you to find out more about the food and discuss the issues my dog was having. Thanks sooo much for spending the time to ease my concerns. Needless to say, I did go out and purchase the Carna4 Duck formula. In the last few weeks Biscuit had turned up her nose to chow and was having some irregularities with waste matter. Well, it only took a day and now she cleans her dish and looks for more. I am so happy to know it is good food!  In fact, reading the ingredients, looks like something we humans should be eating. God Bless you.


Gail O.

My feral cat Merlin thriving on Flora4

I found Merlin at 7 weeks of age. He was part of our feral colony. He quickly developed a sensitive tummy and has only been able to eat foods made from chicken or egg for the past 6 years. He also developed itchy skin (I assume from allergies) and would sometimes scratch until he bled.

Fast forward to May 2021 (3 months ago) when I went in search of pet probiotics at Global Pet Foods. The owner showed me all different kinds and then suggested I try the Carna4 Flora4 ground sprouted seeds.

After a few weeks of adding Flora4 to his wet food I noticed he wasn’t scratching like he used to. 5 weeks ago I noticed he was eating more and his poops didn’t stink when he ate anything other than chicken or egg.

He’s still skinny but he’s eating so much more than before and not vomiting other than when it’s a hairball related thing.

Very grateful to have found this product!!

E. Jeans, Ontario

Our Cavalier is now super healthy!

We got Charlie, and as a new dog owner, I thought Royal Canin was the best but after he started that, Charlie was constantly licking his paws. Vet indicated it might be the food and suggested Blue…but then I joined a Cavalier Facebook group and they recommended Carna4. After only two weeks of use he stopped licking his paws and has been super healthy! I love this product and will continue to use it as it provides the best nutrition!

Jay S.

Moose is so much better now!

Just wanted to update you on my pup! So he’s been eating the Carna4 air-dried dog food for about a month now with the addition of the Flora4 ground sprouted seeds. My little Moose has tremendously improved!! He’s not itching as much – almost not at all. And the hair that was thinning out on his itchy spots has fully grown back. His fur texture is much more smooth and shiny than before. Really happy with the results and will continue to keep him on this diet 🙂 I’ve tried different foods, a calming spray for the itching, the allergy shot, etc… this is the first thing that has actually worked so far!! I’ve attached a photo of him from Valentine’s Day. Thank you Carna4!

Jazmine M, Toronto

Carna4 helped our Cat & Dogs!

We came to the Maritimes in May 2020. Our cat Lu~Lu had come to us as a baby with many health issues, as she was born with Coronavirus and been sickly from the start of her life, always had IBS, food intolerances and super sensitive issues. The food she was on seemed to help a bit better than the rest, still not perfect as she continually had diarrhea daily. When we were on our way to Cape Breton to spend a month there in July, we had a stop over in the New Glasgow area. I stopped in to the Global Pets in Stellarton, and they suggested we try Carna4. Because our feline has so many allergies and cannot have anything but a novel diet, we decided to place her and our two dogs all on the fish diet from Carna4, so that if our feline swiped any of our dogs’ food, which she will do from time to time…LOL…we would not have to worry about any bowel or stomach upsets for her. Anyhow, I also purchased the Flora4 mix for all our pets to supplement with, as with travel and not having a perm home yet, it was stressful for everyone, including the fur kids. We found within the first week back in July an improvement in Lu~Lu our Cat’s stools as the constant daily diarrhea she suffered had vanished. Since she came to us as a sickly kitten of 10 weeks we had never seen her bowel movements ever have formed poops. Our little Dachshund Joey was struggling with weight issues before we left Alberta, and he started to become leaner within 1 month’s time. All our pets fur was shinier, they all had improved energy levels, and best of all even our pickiest eater Miss Sadee, our newbie pup of almost 2 yrs that has always had a bit of Anxiety issues and stomach upsets, even loves this food. Both our dogs no longer have awful gas anymore, and even with Sadee’s anxiety issues, she has less days of refusing food since we started this diet in July 2020 with Carna4. Every feeding AM & PM, they eat it all without hesitation and pure enjoyment, and want more, as they lick their dishes clean…LOL…So, we are completely amazed and happy with this diet for our fur kids. It is a bit pricey, and hoping in time as it becomes more popular the price will drop in price. However, I love all the options to this food, and the fact that everyone’s health has improved from eating this diet. They all love it, and I am going to pick up the biscuits as well for my dogs. I highly recommend Carna4 to anyone, and the price really is affordable when you see your pets’ health and mannerisms improve because they are healthier and happier, and living a fuller life.

Carrie-Lynn S.

A Tremendous Change in Our Dog’s Health!

Approximately 4 years ago, our dog bear was diagnosed with perianal fistulas. We spent thousands and thousands (more like tens of thousands) of dollars over the years to maintain him and keep him as comfortable as we possibly could. We dealt with (and still were up until we started this food) the unpredictable diarrhea, the whining, straining to go the bathroom, leaking feces, constantly licking, etc. It was more awful than I can explain. We started him on a raw diet and it still wasn’t helping. We got to the point when my wife and I began talking about ending things for him. Everything we added only made things worse.

I went to our Healthy Pets store near our house and was expressing our frustration to one of the employees. She recommended we add FLORA4 to his diet and even said to try adding the Carna4 to his food to help him put some weight back on. It took a lot of convincing, even a free bag of food which they had to give away to a dog like my own. With nothing left to lose, we tried it.

WELL WOULDN”T YA KNOW IT… Bear has rebounded tremendously over the past few months since we started using this food. His stools have improved to mostly normal, he’s added a few pounds and at a recent vet check-up; the vet was ecstatic at how well he looked. She said this was the best my dog has ever looked. I told the vet about my only change, being the food.

My family is grateful for what this food has done for our dog.

C. Schott

My Shitzu/Bichon is finally well and happy to eat again

Mr. Pipps is a very picky eater and I have had to switch his food many times because all of a sudden he will just stop eating it. He also has sensitivity to some of the foods and has had stomach upset quite often; however, once we found Carna4 that all changed. It has been 6 months and he never has an upset stomach any more, his coat and eyes have never been better, his energy level is great, and most of all he continues to eat the food. I am so impressed with this food. We tried feeding him raw and he didn’t do well with that, but this food has checked all the boxes. Thank you for making such a great product.

Bonnie S.

My dog has a very sensitive stomach…

My dog has a very sensitive stomach. We tried raw which made him sick so we moved on to a puppy formula, it was fine, but I still wanted to give him the best food I could find and afford. I went to Global Pet Foods and the owner spent time hearing what I wanted for Disney and gave me sample packs of your food. I love what your company stands for and how your ingredients are all ones I know. With all the problems with pet foods and how misleading the labels are it is refreshing to have a company looking out for my best friend’s best interest. Thank you! Knowing that I am supporting a local company is a huge bonus, too.

Your customer for life
Stephen B.


Carna4 + Flora4 rescued my rescue dog

Malia lived 2 years in a dog meat farm in South Korea. She was a breeder mom, and may have had 2 litters by the time she was only 2 years old. Humane Society International rescued 173 dogs from this farm and we have had Malia now for about 18 months. After  about 6 months she was getting diarrhea every day. It would firm up a little, and then go right back to diarrhea. Her stomach was a mess. After meeting a rep from Carna4 at Perk Valley Pet Eatery’s Dog Night Out, he recommended not only the Carna4 Dog food, but that we add the Flora4 ground sprouted seed and enzyme powder as well. This combination has changed Malia! Her bowel movements are healthy and firm, her eyes are bright, and she is like a young dog. Thank you Carna4 for your great product!

Rose Brewer

CarnaFlora biscuits giving Coco good days!

Coco is 17, and has become a picky eater and sometimes has no appetite. She sometimes refuses food. The store I frequent suggested the Flora4 topper for a nutritious boost. While she quickly decided she would not eat that, I decided instead to get the CarnaFlora biscuits. I have found that when she refuses all other food, she will eat the biscuits. Although I would like her to eat more, the biscuits are really helping make her “off” days a bit easier. With the biscuits, she is having the one off day, and then recovering and being back to her peppy little self very quickly. Previously when she had an off day, it would sometimes take her 3 or 4 days to recover. These biscuits are really helping us get the most enjoyment out of her what time we have left with Coco. Thank you!


Tux will eat again

Hi Dave,

As a rule, I usually don’t respond, or review, products. However yesterday we received your Carna4 duck recipe food for our 16 year old Standard Poodle. She’s been beginning to turn her nose up at her food, eating sporadically. Sometimes she’d only eat about 1/3-1/2 of her daily serving of food. On Sunday she walked away from a bowl of ground turkey, chopped hard boiled eggs, beef liver, and sardines among other veggies & supplements. We were beginning to believe she was near “the end of the line.” We ran across an article by Dr. Karen Becker that included info about your food. We went on Amazon & ordered a bag using “Prime” so we’d get it on Tuesday. To our surprise our Poodle, Tux, devoured her first bowl and is looking forward to meals again. She licks her bowl clean and is one of our 1st dogs to finish her meals. I realize it’s just been over 1 day but here’s hoping this will continue. Just wanted to let you know how grateful, and impressed, we are to have found your food.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

Rick L & Tux

Gracie runs around like a puppy again…at 13

We had always fed our pup a quality brand of dog food, but when the company was purchased Gracie began to have some bowel issues and was throwing up regularly. A vet visit showed there was “nothing” physically wrong. One day I went to Paw Lickin’ Good, our local specialty pet food and product dealer, and they said to try Carna4. It has made a world of difference! Grace is 13 and runs around like a puppy again. Her attitude and heath are better than ever. Thank you for giving her the best life possible. We are forever grateful!

Carna4 Duck stopped the itch

I have a very itchy Golden Retriever. I tried many different foods and when I tried Carna4 his itching got much better. Because it is an expensive food, I tried a different food and the itching came back worse than before! We went back to Carna4 Duck and the itching got better again, and gets better every day. I’ve been coming to Global Foods for four years and they’ve been so helpful with my best friend Gilmour!! Thank you.

Carla N

Your product healed Kitana’s anal gland problem

We adopted Kitana almost 3 years ago. Wasn’t long we realized she had an anal gland issue. Tried everything!!! We naturally went as organic and grain free as we could and even added supplements. It did get better the healthier she got but still once a week or so we had to wash blankets. Our local pet store Paws & Claws told me about your product so we thought why not. Not one incident since the switch to Carna4 and I truly believe it’s your product. Thank you so much for making this food the way you do.

– Tina B

The changes are amazing to all 5 dogs!

We have always fed our dogs high quality food, and their lives have been great. Our newest addition Penny came from a breeder who sent us home with Royal Canin. I raised my eyebrow knowing this wasn’t a “great” choice of food but went along with her wishes. As predicted, Penny got very sick. And thankfully I never shared that food with the others (who by the way were eating Acana). Long story short, Penny cannot have junk food and fillers. Our local pet store (Chez Pet in Lenox, MA) suggested Carna4 for Penny. I agreed. And since this suggestion, we have changed all 5 to Carna4. The changes are amazing. Their coats are better, energy level better and bathroom issues significantly better. I now have a happy bunch of dogs! Although the cost is significant, the food is amazing and cannot be compared to others. I am wishing you the best of luck and want you to succeed greatly. Telling all my pet friends too! Also, bigger bags would be great! Like 40 or 50lbs. Got lots of mouths to feed! Bravo. Great job!

– Lisa C

Keep making this good clean food!

I am on my 3rd wire fox terrier (a high energy breed!) and I am very picky on what I feed him. I have fed homemade cooked, homemade raw, commercial raw, dehydrated, and freeze-dried but have never had the results that I now have since feeding Carna4 duck and chicken. Just the right amount of energy, beautiful coat, clear eyes. Great stools and no gas! I know the food has easily digestible protein because of how fast his coat and nails grow! (A good sign of lots of high quality protein). I love that the ingredient list is simple and filled with whole, real food! The same foods I used when I was making my own dog food. No synthetic vitamins/minerals because all the nutrition comes from the food itself so you don’t have to worry about vitamin excesses or deficiencies. 

Every time I open a new bag of Carna4 I stick my nose in and take a deep sniff – and all I smell is good “clean” food! Take a handful of this food and you won’t have any greasy, rancid residue on your hands! I am also impressed at the quality control and safety checks that they do ( I have never seen this much done on other foods!) if you contact this company with a question they will get back to you right away (and I ask LOTS of questions!) And if they don’t know the answer they will find out the answer and get back to you – how many dog food companies do you know that do that! 

To the producers of Carna4 – thank you for making such a nutritious wholesome food for our pets and PLEASE continue making this food with the same care and quality! I want to feed this for a long time!

Karen S.

Flora4 is awesome for my cat!

I recently adopted a retired British short hair cat named Ursulina.
We noticed in the first couple of weeks that her stool was somewhat loose and were concerned that the stress of the new home transition was contributing to this.
I decided to visit our local pet food store and discovered Flora 4 food topper!
It sounded awesome and I began right away to add it to her existing food twice a day.
Her poop become much more formed, she had more energy and most of all she loved the taste! Because I do pet sitting for a living, I have also recommended Flora 4 to all of my clients who may have had issues with runny or loose formed stool.
I am so happy to see so many good things such as high fiber, probiotics and phytonutrients all in one powder! I continue to give it to my cat 3 times a week and she continues to do well with the help of Flora4.

Lisa P.

Thank you Flora4. Our Jack Russells are so much better!

Dear Carna4:

We are feeding the Flora4 supplement to our 3 Jack Russells. The change in them is transformational, especially for Dot. Dot is mostly white and has a lot of pink skin and ever since she was approaching 2 years old she started having skin issues. First it was briefly in our Florida summers and then all summer. At the first flare up, the vet gave her the usual Prednisone and an antibiotic. In a day, she was better. The next year’s summer, the vet recommended Apoquel. At that time, we were desperate to give Dot relief because her outbreak was longer and causing her much distress. Concurrently, I was looking for natural remedies. I had her saliva and hair tested to discover any food/chemical allergies. Of course the food I was using had many of the items that could cause her outbreaks. I also had Dash tested. Changing her food (this was before I knew about Carna4) made a huge difference but she still wasn’t 100%.

After she had the Apoquel for the first time, Dot developed a urinary infection. She ate her food but only because she felt she had to. The urinary infection is a side effect of the Apoquel. Of course, the vet recommended one of those vet foods for urinary problems. We said “No”…we must cure the urinary infection first.

Dot’s next run in with Apoquel (yes, out of desperation) caused her an infection between her toe area and swollen feet. As I researched, I found this also be a side effect of the Apoquel. We took her to the vet and showed her Dot’s toes, including pictures from the Merck veterinary manual and information from the Apoquel Prescribing instructions. I showed the vet the results of the saliva/hair test and the vet rolled her eyes at me. She thought the test was a waste. Shockingly, the vet said that her symptoms were not because of the Apoquel and recommended that we DOUBLE the dose. At this point we said thank you and left…never to return.

After starting the recommendations of the Hair/saliva test, Dot improved, WITHOUT the Apoquel which she will never get again. We also would paint her belly with Dragon’s Blood resin. It is a wonderful skin remedy. She did pretty well the next summer (no vet visits) but she wasn’t 100%. I looked for and tried many supplements. I thought she needed more zinc or magnesium or something and perhaps probiotics, although I was giving her a raw food topper. I looked and tried and tried to find something. Some didn’t hurt but didn’t help and others made her jump away from her food bowl.

Then we tried your Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds. Oh my gosh!!! Dot improved so much, so quickly. Her once red skin around her eyes is back to its normal pink color, her belly is all healed and not red and her appetite is outrageous. She jumps up and down to eat. I can only attribute her wonderful condition to the Flora4. Her little brother Dash did not have any skin/itch problems, but he had a lot of bad breath and occasional stomach upset. He does not have this anymore. AND our oldest one, 12-year old Fenmore, is digesting much better as well.

Dot is 100% right now. We did not realize how bad she was feeling until she got all better. She plays in the dirt and grass, gets wet in her pool and has no belly redness or itch. Summer will be her real test, but at this rate, I think she is going to be fine. I have not switched to the Carna4 food yet because Dash is supposedly sensitive to green peas but perhaps in the sprouted form, he will be OK.

The other day, I was at the “New” vet to get Fenmore’s yearly check up. The vet said Fenmore was solid as a rock! Coincidentally, another lady was there with her dog for some surgery. I heard her tell the receptionist that she had not given her dog her Apoquel that morning. I just cringed and felt sorry for the dog. I know that the Flora4 could help. Next time I take Dot to the vet, I will show him the Flora4. Hopefully he will see the merit in this wonderful product.

Thank you Flora4 for giving us our little princess Dot back. She is happy and healthy and destroying our yard…Yeah!

Victoria B

When we adopted Tango she was full of hot spots and rashes

When we adopted Tango she was being fed ‘garbage’ food. She was full of hot spots and rashes and she couldn’t hear well from her terrible ear infections. We went from vet to vet who tried to push different ‘garbage’ food on us. Then we found CARNA4. That cleared her up and she was happy. Let me start by saying it is worth every penny. She is now a senior and is doing great on CARNA4. We add supplements for her hips and we switch between Chicken and Duck – she loves duck but wishes CARNA4 would come out with a fish flavour. In my opinion CARNA4 is better than any brand out there. Simple ingredients and grain free and Canadian. It’s perfect for our girl. We couldn’t be happier to recommend CARNA4 for any dog with health problems or even for your problem free dog that deserves the very best from the inside out.


S. Weber, Orangeville, Ontario

Carna4 is the only dry food I feel confident feeding my dogs.

Carna4 is the only dry food that I feel confident feeding my dogs. My corgi, Izzy, has been eating Carna4 since I brought her home as a puppy. We have also fed raw food at times (a commercially prepared brand that is also free of man-made vitamins and minerals). She has always been able to switch seamlessly between Carna4 and raw food without digestive upset. For the past year, she has been on Carna4 almost exclusively, mainly because of the convenience. She has tons of energy, maintains her weight well, and her coat is healthy and shiney. Corgis are known for being terrible shedders, but she barely sheds outside of her twice-a-year coat blow. And, she loves the taste! Izzy and I train for AKC Obedience, and recently she earned her Companion Dog title. We are going for her Rally Novice title this summer and plan to debut in Open obedience this fall.

When my Airedale Terrier Banjo was geriatric and suffering from cancer, Carna4 Duck was one of the few foods he could tolerate without causing loose stool or vomiting, or causing skin allergies. I remember trying to switch him to another “limited ingredient” grain free Duck formula from a trusted company (because it was cheaper), and he immediately became itchy, developed loose stool, and his allergies flared up – even with a very slow transition to the new food. I put him back on Carna4.

I’ve just started feeding my cat the new Carna4 cat food and so far she absolutely loves it. She always eats a diet of 50/50 dry food and raw food. She loves the Carna4 as much as she loves her wet meals! She is digesting it well, time will tell if it makes improvements to her coat (she already is a healthy cat).

I love knowing that the food is wholesome, nutritious and minimially processed. The fact that it is cooked at low temperatures is so important to me. Thanks Carna4.

from Kali (and Izzy)

Consumers often contact us through

Consumers often contact us through our website to ask us questions or to share their experience with us. Here is some wonderful praise from a happy Carna4 customer in Hawaii:

I went from (a grocery kibble brand), YUCK, to (another kibble), HORRIBLE, to (a holistic kibble brand), ok, to (a premium kibble brand), good, and thanks to someone at the Humane Society in Honolulu, I went to the one and only store on Oahu who sells Carna4. She told me about all about the food, the quality and ingredients and let me take a sample home. I went back a few days later and bought the biggest bag they sold. It’s the #1 choice for my kids and for me. It’s the healthiest food I could find and they absolutely LOVE the taste. I’m not a breeder, not a hoarder…just madly in love with dogs! My dogs are all fixed, all housedogs, all on heartworm/flea meds and up to date on shots. The only thing wrong was trouble finding the right food and now I’ve found THE BEST. Please promise to keep your food quality the absolute best. I’ve been spreading the word to everyone I know who owns a dog about how great the food is! Keep up the great work! XOXO. Kathy T.

Carna4 would like to thank Kathy for your encouraging words. We work very hard to promote real food nutrition and support like this reinforces what we are doing and helps us keep up our enthusiasm! Thank you.

Here is another Carna4 dog

Here is another Carna4 dog on the mend! Jackson suffered from a variety of health issues and it wasn’t until he began eating a truly clean diet free from man-made ingredients that his issues began to clear. Here is what Jackson’s mum had to say:

“Jackson’s health issues started about 2 years ago…He was seen by a vet and was given oral antibiotics as well as eardrops. Sometime after the ear infection cleared up hestarted to exhibit poor health symptoms. Which included smelly ears, smelly paws, limp in his back left leg, many hot spots, a patch of fur loss on his tail, yellow flaky yeast on his tail, ear infections, dull coat, fur whitening, itching, licking paws and poor energy.

I put Jackson on a candida cleanse (supplement) as well as switching him to a grain free dog food which caused him to have an increase in hot spots. We then realized that potatoes can also contribute to candida so we switched his dog food to (a grain-free and potato free food). He seemed to do fine while on this food. His hot spots stopped but his overall health didn’t improve. We thought that we would try the fish (formula) for his back leg. After two days on this food he broke out in major hives and would scratch all day and night. He also broke out in sores from scratching so much and hot spots.

Shortly after that is when we slowly switched him to Carna4 that all his hotspots healed and cleared up quickly. No new ones appeared. His hives all went away as well as the sores from him scratching. His ear infection cleared up.

Jackson loves this food! I have never seen him so excited at feeding time. He would wait until her heard my fork being set down on my dinner plate and rush, to get his feeding bowl. He would bring it to me jumping around with excitement.

While feeding Carna4 I have noticed that his fur is shiny, no smell from his ears, paws, no itching, no skin issues and overall he looks healthier. I think that carna4 is a well balanced nutritious dog food and is the next best thing to feeding raw.” Theresa

Within a month since its introduction, our new Flora4 raw sprouted seed topper has changed a life! After the launch of our newest Carna4 innovations that also includes Carna4 Sprouty Squares & Flora4 Sprouted Seed Snacks, we are getting great results. Several stores reordered within just a few weeks after their customers jumped at the opportunity to supplement with whole-foods designed for busy lives. It’s very exciting for us as more and more pet owners are learning that Carna4 synthetic-free nutrition is the way to go!

We couldn’t believe how much

We couldn’t believe how much Bingo, our Norwegian Elkhound, loved his new Carna4 dog food. Starting out we did the recommended ratio, and Bingo picked out all the Carna4 kibbles leaving the rest until every last bite of Carna4 was gone, reluctantly finishing the rest. After a week we noticed that he was more alert and content. Unfortunately, we ran out of the Carna4 before we were able to purchase another box. Bingo was not impressed; he refused to eat the old dog food he had been getting for years and gave us the silent treatment. I am sure once he sees the Carna4 box coming he’ll be overjoyed and once again be a happy, content dog. Sarah, Iowa, U.S.A.

The boys picked the smallest

The boys picked the smallest Shihpoo from the litter of 5 and called him “Tommy.” He was underweight and really underdeveloped. He was fussy and not a fan of eating any of the food choices our vet recommended. So my husband decided to put 8 month-old Tommy on Carna4 Dry Dog Food, as part of a new trial study. Within a couple of weeks, he was thriving, gaining weight, becoming more playful and ever so active. The big change we noticed was he actually looked forward to feeding time. Weeks passed and we brought him back to our vet. He was thrilled but shocked to learn that he was only eating a new trial brand of food and not on any of high cost supplements. He even noted how good and improved the quality of his stool was. We noticed that his past troubles, from skin disorders to his breathing, had virtually disappeared. Upon examining Tommy, our vet said he was the best and healthiest Shihpoo that he had seen or treated in all his years. Thank you Carna4 for thinking about what ingredients should go into a pet food. You seem to have found the right synergy with all the ingredients working together to boost their effectiveness. We now have a healthy lifelong pet, who is part of our family, and can enjoy his life with us.
Tammy Morton, Cambridge, Ontario

Anne tried out Flora4 Raw

Anne tried out Flora4 Raw Food Topping with her 4-year-old Schapendoes, Cory: “Her stool quality was excellent. She had been scratching a fair bit and that also seemed to improve while she was on it…. I thought that she did well on the supplement and would definitely consider using it regularly.” Anne in Brampton, ON

After brining in our new

After brining in our new Flora4 products late November, Brookside Barkery had to order again to stock up for the holidays and then restock their shelves once the rush was over: “We’re a proud seller of your terrific products in Kansas City, MO. They did exceptionally well for us over Christmas, with people really latching on to the idea of germinated seeds!” Jason – Brookside Barkery, Kansas City, MO

Before we launched Carna4, we

Before we launched Carna4, we recruited a canine focus group of more than 200 dogs from homes in Canada and the United States to sample our food. Here’s what Carna4 means to them and our post-launch customers……

After two years of frustrations and multiple food trials with Snidley, one of our dogs, we became a little hopeless and believed we might have to keep our liitle guy on a harsh cocktail of medications to keep him somewhat healthy. Then our local Global Pet Foods suggested we try Carna4. We did and WOW!!!! Not only did our little man thrive….all of a sudden his hair started growing. It grew so much that within the first six months on Carna4, we had to send him to the groomers twice!!! Not only did he have his first hair growth since we adopted him (first 2 years with us, he was almost bald), but now he is only on one medication at a very minimal dose, and he’s the healthiest he’s ever been. So thanks for inventing such an awesome, affordable food. Marilee Croteau, Barrie, Ontario

I’m a holistic nutritionist and

I’m a holistic nutritionist and know the importance eating good quality foods has on your health. Because of this, I make my own dog food for my high energy Jack Russells (Romeo & Twinks), using good quality, organic, ingredients. I had difficulty finding treats for them that I think are of the same quality until I starting using Carna4 at treat time. My dogs just love it and I do too, because I know that it’s made using quality ingredients by people who care about my pets. Thanks Carna4! Sue Sachs, Toronto, Ontario

Our 2 year-old Shih-Tzu/Bichon, Bella,

Our 2 year-old Shih-Tzu/Bichon, Bella, loves Carna4! She was a bit of a fussy eater, going off her food quite often. She never refuses Carna4. She now has a beautiful, shiny coat and we have noticed she scratches at her ears less. We took a bag of Carna4 to our vet for his opinion – he was very happy with the formulation and noted that the protein level (24%) exactly what he likes to see for small dogs like Bella. We are working through a few health issues with our 16-week old Shih-Tzu/Yorkie, Cady, but we can’t wait to try her on Carna4 as well. Thank you Carna4 for this exceptional food. We wait anxiously to see more products in your line.

Update: Our 6 month old

Update: Our 6 month old Shih-Tzu/Yorkie, Cady, is a happy and healthy Carna4 pup! Early in her life she developed urinary crystals; it was heartbreaking to see her so uncomfortable! Our older dog, Bella, was doing wonderfully on Carna4 and we were anxious to try Cady on it. After following our vet’s recommendations and treatment plan, we transitioned Cady to Carna4. The change went very smoothly and after nearly two months, her urine is clear and she is symptom-free. We are so happy to have a food to offer our dogs that we feel 100% confident in feeding and that our vet is completely on board with.
Kerrie Saunders, Red Deer, Alberta

When I give Cocoa fancy

When I give Cocoa fancy dog food, she usually turns up her nose at it, preferring her regular bargain brand. But when I gave her Carna4 she gobbled it up. When I tried to give her the plain food again, she barked. So I’ve switched to Carna4. Now I know she’s not just happy, but healthy too. Barb Sawyers, Toronto, Ontario

Maxwell is a long coat

Maxwell is a long coat chihuahua and he loves Carna4 . Maxwell is only 4 months old, but I made the change to Carna4 for the benefit of his health and longevity. When we started Carna4, I saw immediate changes in his behavior, more lively and get up and go. Maxwell’s coat is amazingly shiny and soft. Maxwell will be a long time customer of this food! Kelly Bond, Whitby, Ontario

Charlie, our dog, loves Carna4.

Charlie, our dog, loves Carna4. How do I know? He licks his chops for a few minutes and keeps going back to his empty bowl after every feeding. He never did that with any other dog food. I like the fact that Carna4 food is an alternative the raw meat diet – it has all the benefits, without worrying about all the additional ingredients needed to make his meal perfectly balanced and healthy. Peter, Oakville, Ontario

Our ‘blind’ dog Spirit had

Our ‘blind’ dog Spirit had a ‘warty’ nose for a long time. I tried various foods and supplements over the years. One month before starting Carna4, I gave Spirit fairly large doses of digestive enzymes and probiotics together and his nose was improving. When I started Carna4, I stopped those supplements and his nose continued to improve. His coat, although always shiny, has even more glow and softness. He also seems friskier, even though he’s about 12 years old. Willa Coleman, Orangeville, Ontario

The boys picked the smallest

The boys picked the smallest Shihpoo from the litter of 5 and called him “Tommy.” He was underweight and really underdeveloped. He was fussy and not a fan of eating any of the food choices our vet recommended. So my husband decided to put 8 month-old Tommy on Carna4 Dry Dog Food, as part of a new trial study. Within a couple of weeks, he was thriving, gaining weight, becoming more playful and ever so active. The big change we noticed was he actually looked forward to feeding time. Weeks passed and we brought him back to our vet. He was thrilled but shocked to learn that he was only eating a new trial brand of food and not on any of high cost supplements. He even noted how good and improved the quality of his stool was. We noticed that his past troubles, from skin disorders to his breathing, had virtually disappeared. Upon examining Tommy, our vet said he was the best and healthiest Shihpoo that he had seen or treated in all his years. Thank you Carna4 for thinking about what ingredients should go into a pet food. You seem to have found the right synergy with all the ingredients working together to boost their effectiveness. We now have a healthy lifelong pet, who is part of our family, and can enjoy his life with us.
Tammy Morton, Cambridge, Ontario

Our 8-year-old Nimbus has never

Our 8-year-old Nimbus has never had such a healthy coat. Now that she is on Carna4, her fur is fantastic: thicker, softer and visibly lusher and she is shedding MUCH less. Her energy is also really high. And her stools are firmer than they were in the first few weeks on the food (as predicted in your FAQs). So from a visible perspective she seems to be very happy on this diet!

Julie Wood, Orangeville, Ontario

Jasper is a 3-year-old Black

Jasper is a 3-year-old Black Lab/German Short-Haired Pointer cross, an extremely high-energy hybrid breed. He usually goes out for two 1-1.5 hour walks a day and likes to hike and go camping. Before testing Carna4 food, he was being fed Orijen Regional Red formula, as well as the Fish formula (both kibble). Table scraps complemented his regular food, as well as the odd peanut butter filled Kong (he’s the Prince of the house). However, after a year or two on Orijen, Jasper started to develop chronic ear infections (common for his breed, due to his hound-like floppy ears). After several trips to the vet, his right ear didn’t respond to the antibiotic drops or cleaning. It wasn’t until he started on Carna4 that the ear infection cleared up! We switched him to the new food over a 10-day period and he responded very well. Jasper used to be grazer and would sometimes leave his food, but he loves the taste of Carna4 and is always enthusiastic to be fed in the mornings and at night now. He didn’t experience any digestion problems during the switch. In fact, it has now become easier for him to pass his stool, whereas he experienced some constipation before. As a family of foodies (a chef Dad, and organic food activist mom) we’re so happy that our dog can have healthy food too – free of additives, preservatives and other superfluous things that make our animals sick. It’s just good, natural food…simple. Laura Wiesen, Toronto, Ontario

Within two weeks of starting

Within two weeks of starting on Carna4, I could see the effects on Juliette’s coat – it was so soft and glossy. Now that she has been eating this food for close to 6 weeks, I am seeing a real difference in her energy levels. At 14 years old, she had been slowing down, but she’s been much more active and healthy-looking this past couple of weeks. She really loves her Carna4 and with all those healthy ingredients, it’s no wonder she’s looking and feeling so good! Alison Janzen, Toronto, Ontario

Krispy loves this food, is

Krispy loves this food, is full of energy and thriving on it. She has colitis and used to have many problems from it but this food has been great for her. Since starting Carna4, she hasn’t had a single digestive problem or the need for medicine. It must be really delicious because she’s a picky eater but we’ve never seen her turn away from it and she always finishes her bowl. (At the start, she even begged us for it.) She eats less but has tons of energy because Carna4 is so nutritious. Christina Turner, Toronto, Ontario

Salem, our five-month old Doberman

Salem, our five-month old Doberman Pincher puppy is being fed Carna4 Duck, Flora4 Sprouted Seed Snacks and on occasion, Flora4 Raw Food Topper. We have had amazing results! She has a soft and shiny coat, excellent muscle mass and is very strong. So much so that people ask why her coat is so incredible! Of course, we tell them about Carna4 and how fantastic sprouted seed nutrition is! Marc Findlay, Plainfield Illinois

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