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100% Whole Food Ingredients, Quick Baked - Air Dried, Convenient Alternate to Raw

Synthetic-Free Whole Food nuggets for All Life Stages for dogs

Carna4 recipes contain only gently processed whole foods from nature

Bursting with live enzymes, live probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

Add the live probiotics, plant enzymes, phytonutrients and whole food vitamins & minerals

Do you notice differences in Carna4 nuggets from batch to batch?

Don’t worry, it’s just real food.

Rest assured that all Carna4 recipe formulations and ingredient suppliers are unchanged! Carna4 is made with a blend of fresh, whole food ingredients that are gently processed to retain nutrition. In doing so, we also retain the ingredients’ natural variation which is then reflected in our dog and cat foods nuggets more than you’d expect to see with conventional, more processed kibbe diets.

Just as the fresh meats and produce you buy for yourself may not be exactly the same each week, so too the color, texture, and aromas of Carna4 may vary between batches. Most pets love this natural characteristic of our foods and do not mind the differences.

Despite this natural variance, our careful ingredient selection and thorough nutrient testing confirm that we consistently meet our nutrient guarantees from food alone. This ensures your pet receives balanced nutrition from whole foods and the native nutrient complexes they provide, just how nature intended.

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Redefining our Relationship with Companion Animals by Feeding 100% Pure Food in a Convenient Form

Organic Sprouted Seeds

Fresh, clean, raw chicken, duck & fish – no meat meal

Gently Baked and Thoroughly Safety Tested

Family Owned and Made in Canada

Our Whole Food for Pets

Carna4 Handcrafted Dog Food

Carna4 Handcrafted All Life Stages whole food nuggets for Dogs is available in six formulas:
Chicken, Duck, Fish, Lamb, Venison and Goat.

Carna4 Handcrafted Cat Food

Carna4 is also available in Synthetic-Free Whole Food nuggets for Cats in
two formulas:
Chicken, and Fish.

Flora4 and Flora4 Greens Plus Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper

Add the live probiotics, plant enzymes, phytonutrients and whole food vitamins & minerals that are lacking in an all-meat diet.

“It’s the healthiest food I could find and they absolutely love the taste. The only thing wrong [with my dogs] was finding the right food and now I’ve found the best.”

XOXO. Kathy T.

Helping Pets Thrive with Whole Foods

Check out the Flora4 video embedded in this article. Many thanks to Dr Bianca at Park Avenue Vet in Guelph, Ontario!

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