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Living Nutrition

Scan this section to learn about the native vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids & antioxidants in Carna4 — thanks primarily to sprouted seeds, table-grade meat & quick baking.

There are so many benefits for your pet in Carna4’s Sprouted Seed Mix, and we add it to all of our products! 
1. Concentrated authentic nutrition from 100% real food eliminates the need for synthetics and supplements
2. Increased antioxidant levels compared to un-sprouted seeds and grains by up to 9,600%. Yes, you read that correctly!
3. Sprouted flax seeds have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which can help reduce skin inflammations and joint pain.
4. Sprouting activates plant enzymes which enhance digestive efficiency, prevent stomach upset and reduce intestinal gas
5. Provides massive amounts of live probiotics (“good bacteria”) to help protect against illness and improve immunity with healthy gut flora.
6. Increased soluble fiber and reduced insoluble fiber help your dog’s body efficiently remove toxins. Healthy amounts of soluble fiber provide absorbent bulk to keep the digestive tract clean.
7. Low glycemic levels makes our mix ideal for dogs with blood sugar and diabetic issues.

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