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How much does it cost to feed your dog nutrient-rich real food? Less than you may think.

Carna4 is actually easier on the weekly budget than feeding raw or “raw alternatives.” To see how, scan our cost comparisons below for Canada and the U.S., based on recently surveyed retail pricing.

While we believe that raw is ideal, we have come to recognize that pet owners need convenient but equally healthy alternatives, particularly when they’re short of time.

Some of our customers have switched completely to Carna4 from raw or home-cooking, while others buy Carna4 as a conscientious replacement meal for those days when there’s no preparation time or place:

Whatever your situation, we’re pleased to give your dog a nourishing meal that’s high in naturally-occurring nutrients, enzymes, live probiotics, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids — at a competitive cost, that’s less than raw.