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Do yourself a favour and watch this FASCINATING VIDEO on current trends in the consumer landscape. Seriously, this is a must watch for any retailer.

The video presents two very distinct types of consumers: cost-conscious, status-conscious buyers from the Planet Traditional and authenticity-seeking, quality-demanding buyers from Planet NEO. These consumers have extremely different reasons behind why they make the purchases they do. Traditional consumers are bargain hunters, mainly looking for the best bang for their buck. With a whole different mindset, NEOs are more informed consumers who know they want ‘the real thing’. They want products that fit their values and ideals, and are willing to spend when they find something that meets the needs of their lifestyle. NEOs are the New Economic Order, and their legion is growing!

There is no doubt about it. If you are part of the Carna4 family, you are a NEO. Carna4 makes the grade with our unparalleled nutritional quality, commitment to using locally-sourced, real-food ingredients, and the transparency with which our company operates.

So what about dog owners? And what about you? Are you a NEO shopper when it comes to your dog? We would like to know how you would describe a NEO pet owner. What values do they embrace when it comes to shopping for food choices or making decisions in support of the health and wellness of their pet? Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.