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I got a sample of Carna4 at the Barkham Festival in Markham yesterday.
My question is why you do not use free-range meat when all your other products are organic.  I know the chicken is table grade but that does not mean it is free of preservatives, antibiotics etc. Apart from that, the food sounds excellent.

Thank you very much for your interest in Carna4.  I do have some additional information about the quality chicken in our food.  The meat is free of preservatives, antibiotics and hormones. The chicken is not free range, but also not raised in large “factory farms”.
In fact, ever since the avian flu outbreak in the early 2000’s it has become virtually impossible to buy truly free range chicken, unless you get it from a little hobby farmer. There is too much risk that the chicken would catch the flu if allowed to roam in outdoor pens and therefore the government inspectors do not allow commercial farmers to raise free-range birds.  Commercially-raised chickens and turkeys are at best “free run” or “cage free”, meaning that they are allowed to run around inside the barn, rather than being confined to tight little cages at factory farms.
Our chicken is added fresh.
The salmon is wild-caught Pacific salmon that is frozen on the boats so as to eliminate the need for preservatives. We have sourced the very cleanest and purest ingredients available within the conditions stated above.
We hope that we have answered your question.  Thanks again for choosing Carna4.
The Carna4 Team