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We love getting customer feedback!  Here is another great question from Sam P. from Peoria, Arizona, sent to us recently.  We wanted to share this correspondence as it covers a lot of important facts that we think you might find informative.   Please keep your questions coming!

Sam P. asked :

Thank you for the current information in your recent newsletter;  however, I was told by a supplier in Arizona that wasn’t selling Carna4 to try three other brands which are supposedly all 100% natural like Carna4 but offer what Carna4 doesn’t.  From what he said after he read the ingredients in Carna4 online he said “it lacks vitamin K and E, and there is no magnesium, calcium or potassium.”

He also said depending on the time of the year the vitamins in certain veggies aren’t there as in other times of the year and because Carna4 lacks the ingredients discussed before, Carna4 wouldn’t be enough to suffice the dogs requirements so “synthetic at times is better” Again, I am just letting you know what I’m hearing from this store and would like it justified for my own satisfaction since I’m a Carna4 customer.

I have done a lot of research on Carna4 via emails plus discussions and research but I would like to understand or know this store owner is wrong.

I do buy one of your competitors treats because it is all natural and no chemicals or synthetics are added, plus Carna4 has no treat product as of yet.  I will look further into other foods but if it has one ingredient that’s a preservative or a synthetic of any kind, then it’s not an option for me to purchase.


Sam P.

Peoria, Arizona

Carna4 responded:

Hi Sam,

Your experience with the dealer in Arizona highlights one of the major challenges facing all of us promoting real food in a synthetic world. Today many pet owners, dealers, and vets are too focused on consuming ‘nutrients’ rather than eating foods that provide those nutrients. The dealer you spoke with will certainly try to sell you the foods he has available and will attempt to show you how they are better —that’s his job. However, he likely doesn’t understand Carna4 or the whole-food ideals that we represent.  Just because we don’t put ingredients like synthetic Vitamin K or magnesium on our label doesn’t mean the nutrients are not in Carna4. They are in our food ingredients.

Almost all ‘natural vitamin’ supplements are chemically and structurally different from those found in real foods. They are synthetic substances made from isolated vitamin/mineral compounds, petroleum extracts and coal tar derivatives that have been processed with various chemicals or acids.  These one-dimensional nutrient-analogues work very differently in the body and do not provide the health benefits that come from the authentic nutrients in real, whole foods.

Here is why:

Vitamins and minerals found in foods are highly complex structures that combine with other micro nutrients, like trace elements, enzymes, and activators, that all work together to help the nutrient do its job in the body. Synthetic supplements just don’t have these other vital components that are needed for optimum health. The body must rely on its own stores of these micro nutrients to fill in what is missing and allow the synthetic supplement to be used. This is a very inefficient process and when synthetic supplements are used over time, the body’s stores of micro nutrients are depleted. This creates a nutrient imbalance and soon the body can no longer make use of the synthetic supplement….leading to poor health.

When we refer to the natural ingredients in Carna4, we are referring to the complete complex of micro nutrients (both known and unknown) exactly as they exist in nature. These are absorbed readily by the body because it is biologically programmed to recognize the naturally occurring compounds as genuine nutrients. A dog’s body is designed to metabolize food, not nutrients.

It is not true that the nutritional profile of our food may change from season to season. Depending on the time of year due to soil conditions or other factors, a food may have more or less of a certain nutrient complex, but our guaranteed nutritional analysis states the minimum guarantee for a nutrient. Carna4 is made in small batches to ensure we have precise control over how it is made and then each batch is analyzed for its nutrient content. Each and every batch is quarantined until we are sure that it contains a least our minimum guarantee for 64 nutrients. We ensure that your dog receives an effective amount of nutrients in every serving of Carna4.

I hope my explanation is clear enough to help. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to explain why Carna4 really is different from the rest and to further reinforce our whole-food message. It is an ongoing challenge to help people see nutrition in the bigger picture. Thank you for supporting us and joining the movement to whole-foods!

Please keep an eye open for our upcoming newsletters. There will be much more information available on this very important topic!

Warm regards,

The Carna4 Staff

Sam P. responded:

Thanks for all your help with my questions.  I understood most stores try to sell what they have and do their jobs well by convincing dog owners to go with the flow and believe whatever is in dog food advertising.  I and the few others are noticing the problems with pet foods too and once pets develop poor health it leads to either high vet bills or further health issues and obviously any animal lover hates to see that. I personally look for the best and believe I have found Carna4 to be the best pet food out there.

I will continue serving Carna4! Thanks again for taking the time with my inquiry!!