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We are really excited to have ‘For Dog’s Sake’ as our Dealer of the Month for July.  We were able to speak with the owner, Marcia, where she shared her thoughts on the industry and her passion for dogs.

Marica from For Dog's Sake

You are very passionate about the health of animals and providing animals with healthy food, where does this come from?
Animals depend solely on their owners for their health and that means we have to be very conscious of what we feed them.  Animals depend on their owners for the longevity and their well being.  I grew up with dogs and my best reference to love and friendship is the pets I had growing up rather than friends and family.  As an adult I wanted to find a way to get closer to my dogs.  So with no experience or background in the pet food industry I opened For Dogs Sake in 1991.  At the time there were very few brands and the brands available were limited.  I found a small location; I could barely speak English but was very determined.
My family always lived a very healthy lifestyle.  I remember my mother used to go to the butcher in Brazil and buy direct to feed our family dogs.  I started thinking about and discussing the benefits of a smart, biological diet for dogs, and this is how I based my business.
What do you think the future trends will be in pet food?
I hope it goes back to basics, goes to the biology of the dog.  Too much marketing has taken place in the pet food industry, clouding the consumer on what is best for the dog and what is convenient.  The industry needs to takes a better look at the dog and what high quality ingredients need to belong in the food for dogs.  Overall, you are what you eat, regardless if you are a dog or a person.  I’m getting excited about where the food industry is going, focusing on the dog and what it needs.
What do you think the keys are to being a success in the pet food industry?
The reason For Dogs Sake has endured is I never offered any advice related to profit and mark-up.  I only gave honest advice and made sure I had the consumer in mind at all times.  I wanted to build my stores on reputation of being knowledgeable and honest.  I want people to know For Dogs Sake cares for the health of their dogs and caters to the dog and not the revenue.
What advice would you give new people in the industry?
This is a very competitive market and I see two kinds of dealers, one that sees a financial possibility to make money by selling food etc, and those who actually love dogs and cats and want the work they do to be close to them. Stay true to your love. My motto has always been, “I don’t want to sell anything I would not feed my dogs”.  So those entering the industry should choose to cater their business to people like minded to themselves.