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How Much Omega 3 Fatty Acids Does My Dog Need?


I have been feeding Carna4 to my Golden Retriever puppy for 3 months and am happy with it as a dry food (she even likes it as training treats!).

Question about Omega 3s. Recently read an article in The Whole Dog Journal that stated dogs should get 100 to 150 mg per body weight of omega 3s daily. Don’t know how much she’s getting in Carna4, as it’s listed as a %, not by mg. I would like to supplement with the liquid fish oil I take if needed, but don’t want to over use, as excess fish oil can be a blood thinner.

Hope the Carna4 folks can answer this question. Thanks


Thank you for your question, and we are delighted that your pup is enjoying Carna4.

I am guesstimating that your puppy is now around 3-4 months old and weighs around 30-40 lbs?

Carna4 delivers 1900 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per cup.

Therefore if your puppy weighs 30 lbs and you are feeding 3 cups according to our feeding guide she is getting 5700 mg of Omega 3’s daily, which is 190 mg per pound of body weight.

If she weighs 40 lbs and is eating 3.5 cups then she is getting 166 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per pound of body weight.

Carna4 delivers enough Omega 3 fatty acids so that you don’t need further supplementation.  Our spouted flax seed and fresh salmon are the primary sources of the Omega fatty acids in Carna4. These whole-food sources also provide a ratio of Omega 6 to 3 that is under 2:1. This is optimal for healthy maintenance.

The amount delivered per cup is not too much either. The amount she is receiving from Carna4 is ideal for a growing puppy. As she matures and you adjust her feeding to adult servings she will continue to receive all the healthy fats she needs.

Thank you once again for choosing Carna4.  Send us a photo of your pup for our website, we’d love to show her off for you.

The Carna4 Team