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In mid-July the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) announced a strong stance against feeding raw animal-sourced protein diets to pets.  Later this month at their annual meeting in San Diego veterinarians will be voting to add this tenet to those that guide the practices of vets throughout North America, so it could have quite an impact if it passes.  All medical practitioners adhere to guidelines set by their professional organizations and with the discussion this issue is bound to raise, they will have a humdinger of an annual meeting.

In their explanation, the AVMA has explained that the policy is intended to mitigate public health concerns with pathogenic bacteria which causes illness in both people and pets exposed to uncooked meat.  It is just a guideline for practice, and not a law.  No policy of the AVMA or any other organization can dictate to pet owners what to feed their animals.  This new AVMA stance could be a boon to Big Pet Food in its quest for dominance.

We at Carna4 believe that education and freedom go hand in hand.  Each of us has the right to choose to care for our families as we feel is best.  When it comes to food and medicine, these decisions are critical, and we must each educate ourselves about our choices.  And then we need to share our thoughts and decisions with each other; there is no one best way for all dogs or owners.

A Raw food animal diet is not unhealthy or dangerous when properly followed.  Read The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat.  by Juliette de Bairacli-Levy.  Learn as much as you can about pathogen avoidance, choosing quality meat sources, and animal nutrition.  Just because conventional society or some segment of it, doesn’t agree with it doesn’t make it wrong.

For those of you still unsure about the raw food diet idea, there are a number of healthy alternatives available.  Carna4 is one of them. We produce gently baked dog food that we believe is as close to a natural rearing diet as you can get next to raw.:

  1. Minimally processed – Our baking process heats the nuggets just enough to kill pathogens without destroying 64 essential nutrients and native probiotics. How? Because our ingredients are all table-grade quality real foods, many of them organic, in the first place. Carna4 doesn’t contain weak synthetics
  2. 100% All Natural – We combine only fresh, table-grade meats (never meat meal) with sprouted seeds containing authentic vitamins & minerals, probiotics & prebiotics, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids for highly bio-available nutrition ( and tasty flavour)
  3. Synthetic-Free – Matter of fact, we’re the only synthetic-free diet available that requires no supplementation because all the vitamins & minerals, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients a dog needs are abundantly supplied by the real food ingredients in Carna4
  4. High quality and Homegrown – We use only whole vegetables, fruits, eggs and fresh meat from Canadian and American farms. Not a single ingredient is imported from offshore

So how will the AVMA’s proposed policy affect your choice, if at all? We’d like to know, and we invite you to express your opinion on the matter. Leave a comment below, or  comment here to let the AVMA know your view.

If we can help answer any question, you can get in touch with us here at Carna4 and we can help you make an informed decision.