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By Matthew Zuccala

Pet owners are becoming increasingly concerned with highly processed pet food and how it may be affecting the long-term health of their beloved animals. Recent attention has focused on the quality of the nutrients in the food and whether or not the body is actually able to use them. This is because many pets face the same nutritional challenges as humans when eating a typical commercial diet too often devoid of quality nutrients and the enzymes necessary for proper digestion.

Enzymes are a crucial component of a healthy diet. These key nutrients facilitate biochemical reactions within the body and act as a catalyst in healthy cellular function. For instance, digestive enzymes assist with digestion and the absorption of other nutrients. Without adequate enzyme intake, food may remain insufficiently digested within the digestive tract. This can lead to several health issues, such as bacterial/yeast problems, digestive discomfort and an overall stressed immune system.

So what options are there to ensure your dog is receiving the necessary enzymes to support a healthy digestive system?

Plant-based enzymes, such as those from sprouted seeds, have been found to be far more stable and likely to remain active in a much broader pH range within a dog’s system. This means they can begin working earlier and can work longer as food travels through the digestive tract. As a dietary source of digestive enzymes, plant-based enzymes perfectly complement the enzymes produced naturally within your dog’s body.

A balanced diet containing appropriate plant and animal foods, and that a minimally processed diet is always best. The high quality ingredients in CARNA4 provide exactly that. What’s more, our gentle baking process combined with the resilience of our organic sprouted seeds means that more nutrition is readily available to your dog. CARNA4 provides high-quality nutrients and the necessary enzymes for a canine body to absorb them.

Specifically, here are the guaranteed minimum amounts of active enzymes a 50 lb dog receives daily from CARNA4:

  • Lypase – 86,900 LU
  • Amylase – 5,750 DU
  • Cellulase – 91,650 CU
  • Protease – 2,600 PU

Some pet owners turn to various supplements to ensure their dog receives these enzymes. With CARNA4 it is possible to ensure your dog is getting enough enzymes in their main diet. It’s as simple as choosing a diet with fresh ingredients that are minimally processed.

What do you do? How do you make sure your dog gets enough of the right enzymes? Tell us your story.