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So your read the article above, and you did your best to keep an eye on the dog in the kitchen, but somewhere between dessert and drinks Fido managed to eat something that he shouldn’t have!  Thankfully you have Flora4 products, a natural solution that quickly alleviates the gas, diarrhea, and vomiting that can keep the whole family up all night. Typically, digestive upset from holiday overindulgence involves gut microflora and enzymes that are unable to handle the load.  Undigested food materials are left in the gut longer than they should be, where they continue to putrefy and ferment – this is what causes gas and bloating, not just in the dog, but in Uncle Henry too.

The right blend of sprouted foods provides key nutrients to help naturally settle digestive upset, in a form the body can immediately utilize. Sprouting is a type of pre-digestion in which billions of microbes begin breaking  down the indigestible parts of a food, making it more bio-available and nutritious to the body. The microbes themselves also function as probiotics within the body and, since they are an integral part of the sprouted seeds, they travel further through the digestive tract to the area they are needed.  Enzymes also develop during sprouting and they too travel through the digestive tract to help your pet better absorb their meals.

Undigested food left in the gut feed pathogens and unwanted bacteria which cause bloat and gas.  Certain whole food such as sprouted lentils contain good amounts of soluble fibre that will bind to pathogens, toxins and undigested food allowing them to be naturally excreted from the body. Foods which contain probiotics + enzymes + fibre should be included in any detox because they offer a synergy in which each nutrient helps another nutrient get the job done.

Our Flora4 Raw Food Topper and Flora4 Sprouted Seed Snacks (digestive biscuits) contain all of the above in abundance.  They are ideal to have on hand throughout the holiday season to help prevent as well as soothe digestive upset.  Because they’re 100% human grade organic raw food, you can serve it to old Uncle Henry too!