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Getting packed for your summer adventures to the cottage or your favorite campsite can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you throw packing for your dog(s) into the mix! In order to help pet owners feel organized and prepared, your Carna4 team has come up with a simple Summer Survival Kit for Dogs. Tip: Assemble the components of your kit in a water-tight plastic bin so that it’s in one organized location and ready to go for even the most spontaneous road trip.

1. Water Water Water: A no-brainer, right? Yet very few people drink enough or bring enough water for their dogs. Hydration is VERY important during hot and humid weather and the ill effects of dehydration can occur rapidly. On average your dog needs 1⁄2-1oz of water per pound of body weight so be sure to carry a travel bottle for your dog at all times.

2. Energy Packed Food, Not Bear Bait: Raw and home-prepared food is the best you can do for your pet. However, this diet is not easy to prepare away from home. Carna4 offers real food (no meat meals or processed ingredients) and authentic nutrients (no synthetics) that is ready-to-serve. Dogs transition back and forth between Carna4 and home-prepared meals with ease; making Carna4 the convenient option you’ve been cooking, no clean up. That’s a real vacation!

3. Mozi-Q, All Natural Insect Repellent: Biting bugs can make your dog miserable, not to mention vulnerable to the host of different diseases insects carry. Keep the mosquitoes, blackflies, and ticks off of your dog with MOZI-Q for Pets. Mozi-Q is an all-natural, homeopathic remedy your dog EATS – no sticky toxic sprays or questionable collars! Mozi-Q easily dissolves in the mouth or in water. Just add it to your dog’s water bowl to dose him or her with every drink. And for the odd bite that does occur, Mozi-Q is healing and soothing as well, reducing severe, itchy reactions! Mozi-Q is safe, natural, effective and best of all for vacation – very portable.

4. First-Aid Kit Essentials: Although it takes planning ahead, you will be very happy you have these items should the need arise!

  • Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedy): This tincture is made with flower essences and can be used for any fears or anxieties that come up during your travels. Is your dog anxious in the car, afraid of fireworks, or nervous around groups of people? Rescue Remedy will help to calm your pet’s fears. You can spray this remedy into the air around your dog (avoiding the eyes), or spray it into your own hands and then rub it on their ears and/or nose.
  • Arnica Montana 30C: Arnica Montana 30C: This is a homeopathic remedy for any type of physical trauma. Whether your dog suffers a mild sprain from jumping on the rocks, a bump on the head, or muscle strains from overexertion, Arnica decreases pain and inflammation and much more! 2-3 pellets of this remedy can be added to your dog’s water or given directly in the mouth. Repeat 2-3 times per day as needed.
  • Flora4 Raw Food Topper or Biscuits: The ultimate stool-correctors. Owners know that digestive upsets involving vomiting, gas, and (ugh!) diarrhea seem to happen at the worst possible times on vacation. If it’s from being in the car too long, or if your dog just ate something he shouldn’t have, Flora4 Topper and Flora4 biscuits offer fast relief in a tasty form. Flora4 is a blend of sprouted seeds that naturally contain enzymes and mixed probiotics as well as high quality fiber to correct the intestinal imbalance naturally.

No family vacation is complete without your pet in tow. This summer, make sure you have your bases covered by putting together your pet’s very own Summer Survival Kit to ensure a happy holiday. Be creative and above all have a safe and healthy summer!