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By Maria Ringo, DHMHS, BGS, CCH(cand)

(Attend Maria’s presentation Monday, September 16th at 10am in room 501 at the International Center, Hall 5, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

For 10 years, Maria Ringo was co-founder and President of one of the first natural pet food companies in North America, Sojourner Farms, back in the 1980’s, when the word ‘organic’ didn’t appear anywhere on a single pet food label.  Working with the teachingsMaria Ringo, DHMHS, BGS, CCH(cand) of natural-rearing pioneer Juliette de Bairicli Levy, Maria and her business partner introduced the concept of Raw Diets for companion animals to the North American consumer.  It seems hard to believe it now, but back then everyone laughed at her ‘granola for dogs’, whole-grain organic dog biscuits, and seaweed supplements.  Nowadays this is the fastest growing segment of the market as consumers have come to appreciate the value of Real Food for themselves and their pets.

A devoted student of health and nutrition, Maria left the corporate world and went back to school after the sale of her business to become a practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine with a family practice that includes companion animals. Putting her extensive background in animal nutrition to use once again, Maria is now also the Director of Health Care for Carna4 Handcrafted Pet Food, another innovative Canadian company at the forefront of natural animal nutrition, and the maker of the first complete kibble made without synthetics of any kind.

Maria will give a lively presentation on the important health differences between synthetic vitamins and minerals and those native nutrients found in food.  Most processed foods for both people and pets contain only synthetic nutrients and there is a growing dissatisfaction with these products from consumers.  Find out why.  Whether you are selling horse feed or hamster chow, Maria will introduce you to thought-provoking facts that underscore the importance of unadulterated real FOOD for optimum health and avoidance of chronic disease.

The National Pet Industry Trade Show celebrates it’s 25th anniversary! Come visit Carna4 on September 15 and 16 at the International Pet Show in Mississauga