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Kewen is now a very healthy 15 month old MBT but at 6 months of age he developed S.I.B.O. Following veterinary treatment it remained a battle to find a dietary regimen that his gut could tolerate. I finally settled on feeding him raw, but he only eats beef so there was a need to complement his diet with other proteins, vitamins and minerals. I tried many different dry foods all of which upset his stomach, until I happened upon Carna4. It was such a relief! He has flourished on it ever since. We have every flavour available and he loves them all. The small size of the nuggets has been an additional benefit since given the shape of his head and jaw, he had struggled with some of the other dry foods. It’s been great to have the Carna4 products not only as a main dietary component, but for use as a healthy training treat as well.  As a dog owner who is fully invested in my dog’s health, I can’t say a big enough thank you to the Carna4 team for creating such an excellent quality product. I would encourage everyone to try it.