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Approximately 4 years ago, our dog bear was diagnosed with perianal fistulas. We spent thousands and thousands (more like tens of thousands) of dollars over the years to maintain him and keep him as comfortable as we possibly could. We dealt with (and still were up until we started this food) the unpredictable diarrhea, the whining, straining to go the bathroom, leaking feces, constantly licking, etc. It was more awful than I can explain. We started him on a raw diet and it still wasn’t helping. We got to the point when my wife and I began talking about ending things for him. Everything we added only made things worse.

I went to our Healthy Pets store near our house and was expressing our frustration to one of the employees. She recommended we add FLORA4 to his diet and even said to try adding the Carna4 to his food to help him put some weight back on. It took a lot of convincing, even a free bag of food which they had to give away to a dog like my own. With nothing left to lose, we tried it.

WELL WOULDN”T YA KNOW IT… Bear has rebounded tremendously over the past few months since we started using this food. His stools have improved to mostly normal, he’s added a few pounds and at a recent vet check-up; the vet was ecstatic at how well he looked. She said this was the best my dog has ever looked. I told the vet about my only change, being the food.

My family is grateful for what this food has done for our dog.

C. Schott