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When we adopted Tango she was being fed ‘garbage’ food. She was full of hot spots and rashes and she couldn’t hear well from her terrible ear infections. We went from vet to vet who tried to push different ‘garbage’ food on us. Then we found CARNA4. That cleared her up and she was happy. Let me start by saying it is worth every penny. She is now a senior and is doing great on CARNA4. We add supplements for her hips and we switch between Chicken and Duck – she loves duck but wishes CARNA4 would come out with a fish flavour. In my opinion CARNA4 is better than any brand out there. Simple ingredients and grain free and Canadian. It’s perfect for our girl. We couldn’t be happier to recommend CARNA4 for any dog with health problems or even for your problem free dog that deserves the very best from the inside out.


S. Weber, Orangeville, Ontario