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Malia lived 2 years in a dog meat farm in South Korea. She was a breeder mom, and may have had 2 litters by the time she was only 2 years old. Humane Society International rescued 173 dogs from this farm and we have had Malia now for about 18 months. After  about 6 months she was getting diarrhea every day. It would firm up a little, and then go right back to diarrhea. Her stomach was a mess. After meeting a rep from Carna4 at Perk Valley Pet Eatery’s Dog Night Out, he recommended not only the Carna4 Dog food, but that we add the Flora4 ground sprouted seed and enzyme powder as well. This combination has changed Malia! Her bowel movements are healthy and firm, her eyes are bright, and she is like a young dog. Thank you Carna4 for your great product!

Rose Brewer