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We came to the Maritimes in May 2020. Our cat Lu~Lu had come to us as a baby with many health issues, as she was born with Coronavirus and been sickly from the start of her life, always had IBS, food intolerances and super sensitive issues. The food she was on seemed to help a bit better than the rest, still not perfect as she continually had diarrhea daily. When we were on our way to Cape Breton to spend a month there in July, we had a stop over in the New Glasgow area. I stopped in to the Global Pets in Stellarton, and they suggested we try Carna4. Because our feline has so many allergies and cannot have anything but a novel diet, we decided to place her and our two dogs all on the fish diet from Carna4, so that if our feline swiped any of our dogs’ food, which she will do from time to time…LOL…we would not have to worry about any bowel or stomach upsets for her. Anyhow, I also purchased the Flora4 mix for all our pets to supplement with, as with travel and not having a perm home yet, it was stressful for everyone, including the fur kids. We found within the first week back in July an improvement in Lu~Lu our Cat’s stools as the constant daily diarrhea she suffered had vanished. Since she came to us as a sickly kitten of 10 weeks we had never seen her bowel movements ever have formed poops. Our little Dachshund Joey was struggling with weight issues before we left Alberta, and he started to become leaner within 1 month’s time. All our pets fur was shinier, they all had improved energy levels, and best of all even our pickiest eater Miss Sadee, our newbie pup of almost 2 yrs that has always had a bit of Anxiety issues and stomach upsets, even loves this food. Both our dogs no longer have awful gas anymore, and even with Sadee’s anxiety issues, she has less days of refusing food since we started this diet in July 2020 with Carna4. Every feeding AM & PM, they eat it all without hesitation and pure enjoyment, and want more, as they lick their dishes clean…LOL…So, we are completely amazed and happy with this diet for our fur kids. It is a bit pricey, and hoping in time as it becomes more popular the price will drop in price. However, I love all the options to this food, and the fact that everyone’s health has improved from eating this diet. They all love it, and I am going to pick up the biscuits as well for my dogs. I highly recommend Carna4 to anyone, and the price really is affordable when you see your pets’ health and mannerisms improve because they are healthier and happier, and living a fuller life.

Carrie-Lynn S.