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My girls Mossi and Nysa have been on Carna4 since July 2023. We moved from the Carolinas to Florida and I was shocked to discover the food they’d previously been on was no longer sold at pet stores in Florida. Their old food had been pulled from stores due to concerns. I did research only to discover that a huge majority of pet food is actually not good for pets. I read Carna4 is the cleanest food there is for dogs and cats so I put my girls on Carna4 and so much improved: their energy levels, breath, fur and skin (they would get very itchy at times). It’s been hard for me to adjust in Florida but I’m very grateful we did move here cause it meant I discovered the truth about the commercial pet food industry producing. Carna4 is the only answer! They have created a true meal for your pet that is full of nothing but goodness. I’m so glad Carna4 cares for your pet from the inside with their formula.

–Tarsia C-S