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Carna4 is the only dry food that I feel confident feeding my dogs. My corgi, Izzy, has been eating Carna4 since I brought her home as a puppy. We have also fed raw food at times (a commercially prepared brand that is also free of man-made vitamins and minerals). She has always been able to switch seamlessly between Carna4 and raw food without digestive upset. For the past year, she has been on Carna4 almost exclusively, mainly because of the convenience. She has tons of energy, maintains her weight well, and her coat is healthy and shiney. Corgis are known for being terrible shedders, but she barely sheds outside of her twice-a-year coat blow. And, she loves the taste! Izzy and I train for AKC Obedience, and recently she earned her Companion Dog title. We are going for her Rally Novice title this summer and plan to debut in Open obedience this fall.

When my Airedale Terrier Banjo was geriatric and suffering from cancer, Carna4 Duck was one of the few foods he could tolerate without causing loose stool or vomiting, or causing skin allergies. I remember trying to switch him to another “limited ingredient” grain free Duck formula from a trusted company (because it was cheaper), and he immediately became itchy, developed loose stool, and his allergies flared up – even with a very slow transition to the new food. I put him back on Carna4.

I’ve just started feeding my cat the new Carna4 cat food and so far she absolutely loves it. She always eats a diet of 50/50 dry food and raw food. She loves the Carna4 as much as she loves her wet meals! She is digesting it well, time will tell if it makes improvements to her coat (she already is a healthy cat).

I love knowing that the food is wholesome, nutritious and minimially processed. The fact that it is cooked at low temperatures is so important to me. Thanks Carna4.

from Kali (and Izzy)