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I recently adopted a retired British short hair cat named Ursulina.
We noticed in the first couple of weeks that her stool was somewhat loose and were concerned that the stress of the new home transition was contributing to this.
I decided to visit our local pet food store and discovered Flora 4 food topper!
It sounded awesome and I began right away to add it to her existing food twice a day.
Her poop become much more formed, she had more energy and most of all she loved the taste! Because I do pet sitting for a living, I have also recommended Flora 4 to all of my clients who may have had issues with runny or loose formed stool.
I am so happy to see so many good things such as high fiber, probiotics and phytonutrients all in one powder! I continue to give it to my cat 3 times a week and she continues to do well with the help of Flora4.

Lisa P.