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Jasper is a 3-year-old Black Lab/German Short-Haired Pointer cross, an extremely high-energy hybrid breed. He usually goes out for two 1-1.5 hour walks a day and likes to hike and go camping. Before testing Carna4 food, he was being fed Orijen Regional Red formula, as well as the Fish formula (both kibble). Table scraps complemented his regular food, as well as the odd peanut butter filled Kong (he’s the Prince of the house). However, after a year or two on Orijen, Jasper started to develop chronic ear infections (common for his breed, due to his hound-like floppy ears). After several trips to the vet, his right ear didn’t respond to the antibiotic drops or cleaning. It wasn’t until he started on Carna4 that the ear infection cleared up! We switched him to the new food over a 10-day period and he responded very well. Jasper used to be grazer and would sometimes leave his food, but he loves the taste of Carna4 and is always enthusiastic to be fed in the mornings and at night now. He didn’t experience any digestion problems during the switch. In fact, it has now become easier for him to pass his stool, whereas he experienced some constipation before. As a family of foodies (a chef Dad, and organic food activist mom) we’re so happy that our dog can have healthy food too – free of additives, preservatives and other superfluous things that make our animals sick. It’s just good, natural food…simple. Laura Wiesen, Toronto, Ontario