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I am on my 3rd wire fox terrier (a high energy breed!) and I am very picky on what I feed him. I have fed homemade cooked, homemade raw, commercial raw, dehydrated, and freeze-dried but have never had the results that I now have since feeding Carna4 duck and chicken. Just the right amount of energy, beautiful coat, clear eyes. Great stools and no gas! I know the food has easily digestible protein because of how fast his coat and nails grow! (A good sign of lots of high quality protein). I love that the ingredient list is simple and filled with whole, real food! The same foods I used when I was making my own dog food. No synthetic vitamins/minerals because all the nutrition comes from the food itself so you don’t have to worry about vitamin excesses or deficiencies. 

Every time I open a new bag of Carna4 I stick my nose in and take a deep sniff – and all I smell is good “clean” food! Take a handful of this food and you won’t have any greasy, rancid residue on your hands! I am also impressed at the quality control and safety checks that they do ( I have never seen this much done on other foods!) if you contact this company with a question they will get back to you right away (and I ask LOTS of questions!) And if they don’t know the answer they will find out the answer and get back to you – how many dog food companies do you know that do that! 

To the producers of Carna4 – thank you for making such a nutritious wholesome food for our pets and PLEASE continue making this food with the same care and quality! I want to feed this for a long time!

Karen S.