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“Our Gigi had two ear infections within four months…so with the vet thinking she could have an allergy to something in her food., we decided to switch her to Carna4 Fish. The transition to the new food went very well (we also used Flora4)…we saw immediate changes in her stool which I read was normal.  It’s been just over a month and her stools are consistently healthy-looking and best of all not stinky! Her ears have remained clean and no signs of an ear infection or wax buildup since the switch.  We are so happy with the results we’re seeing after changing to Carna4, not only are her ears and poops healthy but her coat is softer and shinier than before – we didn’t think that was possible! Gigi loves her new food as she gives us a few more spins of excitement before we put her bowl down. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work :)”

–Diane L.