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Dear Carna4:

We are feeding the Flora4 supplement to our 3 Jack Russells. The change in them is transformational, especially for Dot. Dot is mostly white and has a lot of pink skin and ever since she was approaching 2 years old she started having skin issues. First it was briefly in our Florida summers and then all summer. At the first flare up, the vet gave her the usual Prednisone and an antibiotic. In a day, she was better. The next year’s summer, the vet recommended Apoquel. At that time, we were desperate to give Dot relief because her outbreak was longer and causing her much distress. Concurrently, I was looking for natural remedies. I had her saliva and hair tested to discover any food/chemical allergies. Of course the food I was using had many of the items that could cause her outbreaks. I also had Dash tested. Changing her food (this was before I knew about Carna4) made a huge difference but she still wasn’t 100%.

After she had the Apoquel for the first time, Dot developed a urinary infection. She ate her food but only because she felt she had to. The urinary infection is a side effect of the Apoquel. Of course, the vet recommended one of those vet foods for urinary problems. We said “No”…we must cure the urinary infection first.

Dot’s next run in with Apoquel (yes, out of desperation) caused her an infection between her toe area and swollen feet. As I researched, I found this also be a side effect of the Apoquel. We took her to the vet and showed her Dot’s toes, including pictures from the Merck veterinary manual and information from the Apoquel Prescribing instructions. I showed the vet the results of the saliva/hair test and the vet rolled her eyes at me. She thought the test was a waste. Shockingly, the vet said that her symptoms were not because of the Apoquel and recommended that we DOUBLE the dose. At this point we said thank you and left…never to return.

After starting the recommendations of the Hair/saliva test, Dot improved, WITHOUT the Apoquel which she will never get again. We also would paint her belly with Dragon’s Blood resin. It is a wonderful skin remedy. She did pretty well the next summer (no vet visits) but she wasn’t 100%. I looked for and tried many supplements. I thought she needed more zinc or magnesium or something and perhaps probiotics, although I was giving her a raw food topper. I looked and tried and tried to find something. Some didn’t hurt but didn’t help and others made her jump away from her food bowl.

Then we tried your Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds. Oh my gosh!!! Dot improved so much, so quickly. Her once red skin around her eyes is back to its normal pink color, her belly is all healed and not red and her appetite is outrageous. She jumps up and down to eat. I can only attribute her wonderful condition to the Flora4. Her little brother Dash did not have any skin/itch problems, but he had a lot of bad breath and occasional stomach upset. He does not have this anymore. AND our oldest one, 12-year old Fenmore, is digesting much better as well.

Dot is 100% right now. We did not realize how bad she was feeling until she got all better. She plays in the dirt and grass, gets wet in her pool and has no belly redness or itch. Summer will be her real test, but at this rate, I think she is going to be fine. I have not switched to the Carna4 food yet because Dash is supposedly sensitive to green peas but perhaps in the sprouted form, he will be OK.

The other day, I was at the “New” vet to get Fenmore’s yearly check up. The vet said Fenmore was solid as a rock! Coincidentally, another lady was there with her dog for some surgery. I heard her tell the receptionist that she had not given her dog her Apoquel that morning. I just cringed and felt sorry for the dog. I know that the Flora4 could help. Next time I take Dot to the vet, I will show him the Flora4. Hopefully he will see the merit in this wonderful product.

Thank you Flora4 for giving us our little princess Dot back. She is happy and healthy and destroying our yard…Yeah!

Victoria B