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Hi Dave,

As a rule, I usually don’t respond, or review, products. However yesterday we received your Carna4 duck recipe food for our 16 year old Standard Poodle. She’s been beginning to turn her nose up at her food, eating sporadically. Sometimes she’d only eat about 1/3-1/2 of her daily serving of food. On Sunday she walked away from a bowl of ground turkey, chopped hard boiled eggs, beef liver, and sardines among other veggies & supplements. We were beginning to believe she was near “the end of the line.” We ran across an article by Dr. Karen Becker that included info about your food. We went on Amazon & ordered a bag using “Prime” so we’d get it on Tuesday. To our surprise our Poodle, Tux, devoured her first bowl and is looking forward to meals again. She licks her bowl clean and is one of our 1st dogs to finish her meals. I realize it’s just been over 1 day but here’s hoping this will continue. Just wanted to let you know how grateful, and impressed, we are to have found your food.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

Rick L & Tux