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We have always fed our dogs high quality food, and their lives have been great. Our newest addition Penny came from a breeder who sent us home with Royal Canin. I raised my eyebrow knowing this wasn’t a “great” choice of food but went along with her wishes. As predicted, Penny got very sick. And thankfully I never shared that food with the others (who by the way were eating Acana). Long story short, Penny cannot have junk food and fillers. Our local pet store (Chez Pet in Lenox, MA) suggested Carna4 for Penny. I agreed. And since this suggestion, we have changed all 5 to Carna4. The changes are amazing. Their coats are better, energy level better and bathroom issues significantly better. I now have a happy bunch of dogs! Although the cost is significant, the food is amazing and cannot be compared to others. I am wishing you the best of luck and want you to succeed greatly. Telling all my pet friends too! Also, bigger bags would be great! Like 40 or 50lbs. Got lots of mouths to feed! Bravo. Great job!

– Lisa C