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Looking Forward to 2013!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish our Dealers every good wish for the upcoming 2013 year.  Thank you for a tremendous 2012 that saw our number of stores double, and this little family business of ours really begin to thrive.

  • Our newly expanded line of Carna4 products now includes Flora4, the best raw-food supplement any dog needs, as well as two therapeutic-nutritious treats, in addition to our easy whole-food diet.
  • Carna4 is now Made in Canada since we relocated our baking and mixing to Montreal and Toronto.  Each and every ingredient in our products is still 100% grown in the USA or Canada and always will be.
  • With growing interest and support from passionate consumers, Carna4 continues to expand its availability across North America. We’ve formed new relationships with distributors in the Northeastern and Midwest United States. We’re also very pleased to now offer direct-to-retailer shipping to meet a growing demand for Carna4 that exceeds the abilities of our distributors.

As we move into the year ahead we look forward to building on our momentum. In 2013, we will introduce our new Carna4 Duck Dog Food recipe and the much-awaited Carna4 Cat Food. We’ll also continue to educate consumers, to increase their awareness of the beauty of Carna4’s convenient, synthetic-free, whole food nutrition.  All of us at Carna4 wish you a great 2013!

David, Maria & Matt