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  1. AUTHENTIC: All the vitamins, minerals, enzymes & probiotics in Carna4 come naturally from our true food ingredients. Synthetic FREE all the way!
  2. LIGHTLY BAKED: Carna4 is NOT extruded like most pet foods. Our food is lightly baked at low temperatures…just enough to kill pathogens but preserve nutrition.
  3. REAL MEAT: Carna4 contains meats in their natural state – no meat meals or rendered fats!
  4. SAFETY FIRST: Every batch of Carna4 is quarantined for 2 weeks while we test for 15 pathogens and toxins including salmonella, E. coli, aflatoxins & mercury. There’s nothing safer!
  5. CONVENIENT: Carna4 is an easy-to-serve alternative to raw or dehydrated diets when you’re in a rush or forget to thaw; or on vacation; or when you have a dog-sitter. We are the “The Un-kibble” …all the convenience of kibble, but made with real food!
  6. HEALTHY DIGESTION: Every Carna4 product it is filled with healthy enzymes that allow our foods and treats to be easily digested and assimilated.
  7. PROBIOTICS: Carna4 contains high levels of live probiotics from a super food: sprouted seeds. Probiotics are key to a healthy immune system and digestive tract.
  8. EASY TRANSITION: Most dogs transition readily between raw feedings and Carna4 when there’s no time to prepare dinner from the fridge.
  9. LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: Carna4 has a very low Glycemic Index, making it ideal for dogs with weight and or blood sugar issues.
  10. DISEASE PREVENTION: High levels of antioxidants in Carna4 protect your dog from free radical damage to your dog’s cell which can help to ward off early aging and disease.
  11. A FAMILY COMPANY: Carna4 is made with love by a family who cares about your pet’s nutrition and overall wellness.
  12. HEALTHY OPTIONS: For dogs with allergies and sensitivities to chicken and grains, we offer a delicious grain-free duck formula.